I am thrilled to be here on Thrive Global, having been asked to share excerpts from my book Breaking into Brilliancean awakening of creative consciousness. It is my desire and hope to inspire.

                                               Breaking into Brilliance

At times when desolate and the light is too strong, we hide. We clutch misery to us like a teddy bear, an unlikely salve. Vulnerability is intolerable. If we courageously put our toes once again in the water, our defenses grow more solid. We can continue this practice or we can risk AWARENESS: seek high counsel.

Welcome,  to the Land of the Unconsciousness

         THERE WAS A MOMENT with a shaman when I saw myself in two separate parts. One was glowing, clear, joyous, childlike. The other was darker, watchful, worried. I was given an opportunity: change the fearful beliefs, and claim my beauty. As a child, our core nature constantly gets interrupted with hurt, fear and anger. If unexpressed, these feelings and a dark, contorted home deep in our body. Yet our consciousness is always communicating to us through this pain in our body and our psyche, begging us for awareness and clearing.

So how DO we change our beliefs? We change our beliefs by looking at the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, and looking at the fallacies that are deep within the stories. We have to acknowledge the hurt. When we acknowledge the hurt, we can change the story.

The wound is the place of healing. And when the wound has healed, the true self emerges. Deep body work is necessary to access and cleanse the wound. Breathing deeply into the contorted places unlocks the information and allows the body to speak its truth. And when the body speaks, it will create the new story.