Written processes please!!!! 

 Communication can be challenging.

In business, in relationships, in business relationships! 

 It is surprising to me, the number of companies who do not find value in creating written processes. 

When procedures are explicitly stated and available to those who need them, they are an invaluable business management tool. 

They answer the who, what, when, where, and why questions about the company‚Äôs business processes. 

Benefits include:

Standardizing working methods provides audit trails that can improve managerial control

Higher Productivity

 Increased Revenue 

Operational Excellence

Reduced unit cost to execute a transaction by streamlining processes and allowing companies to better orchestrate resources, increasing productivity

Increase visibility and accountibility

Drive employee performance

Drives speed of execution, and enables them to respond to customer and market requirements faster 

Reduced Expenditures: by identifying and eliminating waste and bottlenecks 

Highlights improvement opportunities

Improved consistency and control result in better customer service

SO Please send out the memo…….. 

 Yes you do have the time, it will save you much more time later. 

 Yes it does matter, cutting down on confusion, mistakes, frustration- matters. 

 Yes people will follow them, if you enforce them with rewards and penalties. 

 Yes they are valuable, for training, cross training, implementation, continuity. 

 Written processes are more than just the roadmap to success, they are the GPS!