This year has changed for me a lot. It started so great, and then all of a sudden everything has changed and not just for me but for the planet. Yet, this year is wonderful as the wisdom that some of us were able to receive is priceless.

I want to share 20 things that I’ve learned in 2020. Some of them are old ideas that I was able to comprehend and some are my own conclusions, please don’t judge me.

1. There is always a solution available.

It’s not the first time when I’m finding a logical solution in a complex situation with “no-options”. And this year I did it on a regular basis. There is always a solution and if you feel there is no exit, you just didn’t find it yet. Keep going! You will find it!

2. Memento mori.

Enjoy your life now because… “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that is why it is called present.” I’ve become an Oogway a little bit in 2020, but I think this quote from “Kung Fu Panda” is appropriate.

3. Change your mind.

When the option seems like “it’s not an option” because it’s too expensive. Don’t think about why you can’t have it. Think about how to get it (see point one)

4. One day may become never

Never say “one day I’ll do it”… will say “I love you” to someone important… “Meet with an old friend”… (see point two) we may never have this chance. So live in the now and act as if there is no tomorrow…

5. Fear kills half of your life.

Never act out of fear. Fear is not an option. Cliche? Yes, but do something about your fears, they don’t serve you at all.

6. You are enough!

You don’t need to try hard and give everything away to be lovable, likable, attractive, desirable. You are already. It’s done.

7. Respect your values.

If your key value is freedom, a million-dollar house will not make you free (though it’s good to have one). But a stunning mountain view or travel to the mysterious Himalayan temple can. People are different and they do value different things. Surround yourself with those who are sharing your values. Respect other’s values that are different than yours anyways.

8. You are responsible.

Your thoughts and feelings are responsible for your reality. And you are responsible for your thoughts and feelings. You are making yourself happy and others can only make you happier.

9. It’s your reflection.

Everyone and everything is a reflection of you. If something doesn’t work in your business –look inside. If you don’t like someone – look inside. If you stuck in life… You’ve got it, look inside…

10. Connect with real people.

Business is not about numbers. It’s always about relationships. People making business with people so just talk to people, they will not bite (hopefully).

11. Value simple things.

A simple hug or a hand touch becomes more valuable than we ever could imagine… Value simple things. Be grateful for what you have already.

12. Vision will lead you.

If you want to achieve something set up the vision. Without the vision, you will move like a hamster on the wheel.

13. Give.

Give without expectations. The none attachment to the outcome will set you free.

14. Enjoy.

If you do something enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it don’t do it. Occasionally, you can enjoy even your routine or diet.

15. Learn.

Every failure is a lesson. So there are no failures just lessons. Every rejection set some space for acceptance. If you can release the resistance you will find inner peace.

16. Meditate.

Focus and silence a hard to get. But precious skills to have.

17. Do what you like.

You don’t need to go to the top of the mountain if you do not enjoy it. Do what makes you happy. You don’t need to please anyone. It’s your life.

18. Your life is relationships between You and You.

19. Focus.

When you eat, focus on the food. When you run, focus on the run. When you work, focus on the work. Never multitask.

20. Do it now. Live without regret.

When people get old they regret what wasn’t done. Do it before you’ve got too old. If you want to travel do it. If it’s restricted plan it. Stay alive, hope, dream, believe, make some good memories

P.S. I did write this article after the mountain trip where I’ve understood that these ideas need to be shared. Let me know if it resonates 😉

Sincerely yours, Eve Voyevoda,
Business & Brand Visibility Coach