You want to know how to spot the zombies. Sure, who wouldn’t.

What about me?

If you’re reading this. . . you’re probably in the clear.

First, let’s establish what the zombie apocalypse is, and why now.

General symptoms include:

  • intolerance, hypocrisy, and bullying of others;
  • willful ignorance rather than unevolved ignorance;
  • the inability to analyze data and think for yourself;
  • glazed eyes indicating a closed mind;
  • a hardened, closed heart

The zombie apocalypse is in full swing now because enough souls have awakened to realize a higher state of consciousness (expanded awareness) to witness it.

Consciousness isn’t just horizontal, it’s also vertical like an expanding spiral represented mathematically by nature’s Golden Ratio.

Golden Spiral
Spiral’s Golden Ratio

Hence, one can be open- or narrow-minded. Usually, we are a little of both, but the one you favor most will offer insight into your personal state of being, your heart the most important indicator of all.

Without magnification by higher consciousness, there is no awareness of humanity’s virus: separation consciousness.

Separation consciousness is a natural, temporal byproduct of creation in process, or evolution. It’s a level of intelligence unable to perceive an interconnected universe or intuitively detect life beyond our material world.

Ignorance is the virus itself.

What makes now so critical is that believing we are in competition with one another is no longer sustainable to our species—it never was. Historically, no individual, institution, country, empire, or species has risen to absolute power without corrupting (creating imbalance within its ecosphere) ensuring its demise.

Now the species is humanity.

The difference between today and yesteryear is the technology in the hands of a minority causing corrosive destruction on unprecedented levels. Zombies are the world’s unconscious destroyers just like viruses.

From the YBFHN article, “2018: Year of the Miracle,” a collective global alarm bell has been ringing since the last election cycle and its endless fallout:

“Those still lost in separation consciousness have been given a huge wake-up call and opportunity to reexamine all self-limiting values and beliefs . . . this is the year you’ll either become further entrenched in the false matrix begetting end times, or you will let it all go for a new reality, the Golden Age.”

In other words, if in unity consciousness, truth is easily discernible from falsehood, either you see the impending fall of the 3D world of separation consciousness, or you simply can’t as you continue to fight to preserve it out of fear-based protectionism.

You’re Golden Age has already begun if you:

  • honor and respect all beings and life as a whole;
  • seek understanding and inclusiveness;
  • judgment has shifted to discernment of truth;
  • you clearly see others as part of your extended family;
  • your heart is full-on wide open

The miracle is that nature’s creative Golden Ratio is the very source of the Golden Age waiting for you.

Your brilliant future is here now every time you consciously say yes to the Golden Age, leaving a light on for zombies—including loved ones—to follow.

Humanity 2.0: expand your heart until it includes everyone.

Isn’t that Heaven on Earth?

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