Mary M also known as thenurseMary is an All-American nurse, traveler & adventurer. In this article she shares some of her best tips to avoid burnout and achieve success!

Avoiding stressful days 

There are many ways to avoid burnouts, as we desperately try to find ways to steer clear from stressful days. The All-American nurse, Mary, has found her own personal ways of dealing with these issues. One of the ways she avoids a stressful day is to sleep as much as she can, making sure she always has a good night’s rest. Along with that, she follows up her sleep by drinking tons of coffee in the morning to ensure she is at her max energy capacity. The last tip Mary gives is “Find humor in everything. People who don’t laugh die sooner.”, reminding people to stay bright and happy. 

Main tips for successful habits 

Tips for successful habits are always appreciated, as it lets others know what they can do to improve themselves in different aspects. TheNurseMary’s main tip for successful habits is to stay very organized with your time. Time is everything, and learning how to harness it’s full potential is essential. Learning how to use your time correctly will allow you to get tasks done efficiently with ease. Another tip Mary suggests is to always remain positive, as she states “there are always going to be down days, but attitude is everything.” Letting others take advantage of the fact they are in control of their attitude. 


Motivation is the key that keeps consistency going. Without motivation, many people would not have gotten as far as they are. Mary kept her motivation high by reminding herself that her life could be horrible, as everything has a low starting point. With this being said, she continues to go down the beautiful life path she has been able to achieve with hard work and consistency, never letting herself take it for granted and always remaining positive. 


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