Writing is therapeutic. There are no doubts.

Working on your past and your life vision, narring oneself and creating the future, is a great therapy: heals blocks, fears, helps us to be aware of ourselves.If we think about “narrative medicine”. it helps the patients to feel better but it also helps physicians to have a better, deeper approach because they know the story of this person who cares.

Telling your story is a great therapy, writing your story is a precious gift you do to yourself. We need to regain lightness, to see things clearly, to reflect on the heart of things. When you write about yourself you can see your existence more goalfully.

If you see the way you did see also the people who accompanied you and the gifts that they did to you.

By writing, make peace with your life.

How can you start writing yourself? Start collecting your memories: photos, objects, thoughts, words that remember your childhood. Think of the places you’ve lived in: homes, gardens, attics, kitchens, classrooms. You will see how many things will emerge of you and your life