Therapy enabled me to transform my life in every aspect, beginning with a radical career change. I left my 25-year career in the financial markets of London, Hong Kong & Sydney to train to become a Divorce & Narcissistic Recovery Coach, which lights up my life by helping others.

However, one of the most important points in entering therapy, is to find the right therapist. Every therapist, just like any other professional service is different, and you must find the one that works for you. You must be able to visibly feel changes within you and your life, or its not working.

I lecture my clients, when seeking the help of a therapist, to ensure they don’t feel they have to continue seeing their therapist if they don’t feel they are making progress. This is so important, as you must understand you are in the driving seat as its your life.

I entered therapy late in life in my late 40’s where I reached a point where I was sick and tired of my life. I desperately needed guidance to help me understand why I had made the choices I had. It cleared up so many unanswered questions, and created the why of my business – Divorce & Narcissistic Recovery Coach.

Therapy helped me to understand being raised by a Narcissist, who loved me very much, yet was extremely critical of every part of my life, gave me the shaky foundation to continue this cycle where I married a Narcissist. A cycle that perpetuates until you get to the core of why you entered into a relationship with a narcissistic.

The beauty of my therapy, it also enabled me to understand once you leave this relationship you might be free of the relationship, but you are definitely not free of the narcissist, as they are still deeply embedded in your psyche. This is why I have created a program to help men and women truly heal from this experience.

I voice my thoughts on therapy as a 150% necessity in life, if you are not living the life you want to. It helps you get to the core of why and clears any superfluous issues you may have. My advice to anybody would be just as Nike tells us to ‘DO IT’ and don’t hesitate as we are meant to live our best lives which therapy will help you do.

Have a beautiful day and don’t hesitate to reach out to a therapist.