If you feel stuck, unsettled, or unsatisfied in life, I’m willing to bet you’re experiencing friction in too many areas.

What’s friction?

Friction is that feeling you get when you say yes even though you want to say no. Or when you say no but you really want to say yes.

You feel friction when you do something that conflicts with your values or ethics.

You feel friction when you ignore your inner voice and do something else.

You feel friction when you stick with anything that you know isn’t right for you and who you want to be.

We’ve all felt it, and it doesn’t feel good. It even makes us sick, mentally and physically.

When I feel friction, it’s an actual physical sensation. It feels like two tectonic plates grinding past each other in the area right in the center of my sternum.

If I try to push past the friction, I nearly feel sick.

Then there’s flow. I love her.

Flow feels good. I hope you’ve felt it at least once in your life.

When you’re in flow, work doesn’t feel like work.

Time passes in the blink of an eye, or it stands still.

There’s a harmony and rhythmic beauty in how things unfold.

Serendipitous opportunities pop up at just the right moment.

You feel fulfilled.

More flow and less friction will help you heal what’s not working in your life.

When you eliminate friction from your life, you’ll experience the growth and healing you long ago gave up on.

Friction causes such a jumble of your body’s systems that your natural ability to heal, and coordinate your body’s functions becomes inhibited. Loss of flow in life turns into loss of flow in your health.

More flow in your daily decisions and actions leads to more flow in your body, your mental/emotional state, your finances, your career and aspirations, and your relationships.

There are two ways to live your life, flow or friction.

Say yes to more flow and no to more friction.

Sure, we sometimes have to do things we’d rather not do, but stop saying yes to things that don’t fit who you want to become.

Refuse to rationalize and justify doing things that are out of alignment and causing you friction.

Think of the future you who’s already reached all her goals and aspirations. Would she do this? If the answer is no, then you say no right now. Even if it’s something you always said yes to in the past.

Flow doesn’t mean hiding from your life and responsibilities, or refusing to challenge yourself.

Quite the opposite.

Not taking action can create just as much friction as taking the wrong action.

Friction leads to a stagnant life and at the same time a stagnant life leads to friction. Friction slows things down and even brings them to a stop.

Flow equals movement, even if it’s a trickle. Flow is active. Increasing flow even a small amount gets life moving.

Practice picking up on this inner guide you have.

As you practice getting in touch with your inner feeling of flow vs friction you’ll get more skilled at picking up on the message it’s giving you.

This is your higher inner self talking to you. It knows what’s right and wrong for you. It knows what will build up your health and what will break it down. It knows the path to your dreams and goals.

Feel it. Listen to it. Trust it.

Let the feelings of flow vs friction be your guide to picking more flow and less friction in life.

Areas that felt stuck will begin to move forward. Feelings of overwhelm and confusion will decrease. Relationships will be healthier. You’ll put a stop to making the same habitual bad choices. You’re body will be healthier.

Most importantly, you’ll feel happier and enjoy your life.

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