As I was reflecting on my career history, even way back to when I was a waitress putting myself through school, I started thinking of all that I have learned along the way. I got a notebook and challenged myself to write down What I Learned in my Career. It was an interesting, eye-opening, and truly encouraging process!

Sometimes we can move along in life thinking there is no value in the most menial of tasks or jobs. But we would be wrong. There is always something to learn!
So, here is only a partial list of some of the things I have learned along the way in my career path.

I learned…
How to deal with people of all kinds
How to be gracious
How to work hard
How to serve others
How to ask better questions
How to interact with all levels within an organization
How to under-promise and over-deliver
How to follow up
How to communicate more succinctly
How to think before I speak
How to listen well
How to influence others without authority
How to handle myself professionally
How to “manage up”
How to incorporate my faith into my work
How to trust God in all things
How to transition from work to home
How to balance work and home life
How to mentor others
How to teach and train others
How to take the initiative without being asked
How to anticipate needs
How to be diplomatic
How to work well with a team
How to run an effective meeting
How to work with integrity

That is quite a list and it’s only a partial one! Had I not taken the time to reflect, I might not have realized how each job gave me new tools to bring with me as I moved forward. I was able to apply these skills and abilities in both my professional and my personal lives.

I encourage you to take the “What I Learned in My Career” Challenge. You might be surprised at all you have learned and how those experiences have helped you grow!

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