…only beginnings for me as I cannot accept endings, as long as I have another incoming breath, there is a new moment and I suspect that on the other side of breathing there is still another new day, albeit different than today’s existence.

I know not what I don’t know and have attempted to forget what I have deemed irrelevant, but I do know I have a record of everything I have ever seen, smelled or touched….

…and so it seems that life goes forward and I give thanks for another chance to interpret the flow of the glowing grass, the bark of the neighboring tree…I give thanks.

Another day used to be simply another pursuit of a dollar, but now I do know better…a dollar is a collection of coins or a piece of paper, and neither have any life, so I am determined not to make the pursuit thereof a reason to loose my ease with life…to have a dis-ease — Moneyphobia will not be my end, but the overcoming of it will be my salvation and new beginning.

TGFAD (thank God for another Day!)

Originally published at medium.com