When building my business, I spent hours upon hours literally agonising about every minute detail. I wanted to be different, to create something that didn’t yet exist; but even coming up with a business name was hard work!

Having ‘stalked’ entrepreneurs whom I perceived to be trailblazers, I found myself getting hung up on not wanting to offer what they offer or do what they do. Partly through fear of being accused of plagiarism, partly because I knew I was entering a saturated market and I wanted to stand out and partly, of course, because of self-sabotage.

But here’s the thing. There is nothing new under the sun. Absolutely nothing at all.

If you take a step back and really look at all the successful folk in your space, like me you will probably find they are all talking about and teaching the same things. For example, every thought leader in my market is focused on how to do webinars, list building, content, social media, branding, digital strategy and so on.

Now don’t shoot me down in flames when I say this, but I genuinely believe that every big success is based on something that already exists in some shape or form (even, if the creator doesn’t care to admit it).

Think about it…nine times out of ten, when we have a magnificent brain wave it stems off the back of wanting to solve a problem we have identified through analyzing something that already exists.

What we often come up with is a solution that’s simply from a different perspective, and if we are being totally honest it’s a solution that we would only pursue if we think it can beat out our competitors. We look for the gaps (sometimes subconsciously) in existing creations and our juices flow from there.

But, what we create, we package uniquely (or at least that’s what we should be doing). And, it’s not fabulous because it’s a new, never seen before concept. It’s fabulous because of you!

That’s right, you are the lynch-pin to your own success because there will never be two of you/us in this world. Even identical siblings aren’t truly identical.

Within each of us there is something beautifully individual and it’s what gives us our edge. It’s what enables us to speak effortlessly to the people we want to help. It’s what helps us stand out above all the noise and busyness of the online world.

Wasting hours trying to wrap your head around the impossible equation of how to birth a totally new concept, will only be a disservice to you and a disservice to all the people you could be helping whilst you are pontificating.

The upshot is, owning your uniqueness is what will get you to where we want to be; as there is nothing new under the sun – but there is you!


  • Toni Martin-Clarke

    Digital Business Consultant

    Toni Martin-Clarke is the founder of Defined Digital, a company focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners to craft, grow and maintain their online presence. Toni also coaches clients 121 to specifically help clients with their digital strategy.