There are messages here….
But the mental torment muffles the sounds of these messages though that are fighting through resistance to seep through
Once I get past my own bullshit the clarity will ring true

I’m flowing closer to oxygen now, inviting high vibrations, moving closer to a break-through
On the other side of acceptance is where I will find forgiveness and one day offer a thank-you

I’ll be set free, on the other side of hope
With gratitude for how much I’ve learned and how in the future this experience will have helped me to cope

In the meantime I pray for open space
…constantly living in this headspace
I invite peace to allow for rest
I ask the universe to hold me in a precious hope chest

I ask the moon to carry me over to another day
Where a clear path lies, no obstacles in the way
And I can listen to all my messages
Finally hearing the answers
In this I pray
I’m ready…

Open my next doorway


  • Jen Whitney

    CEO of Being Fierce

    Inspired and Inspire! Truth dweller of raw grit; exposed and naked on the page. Learning. Evolving. Emerging. What a ride! Co-parent to three. Director.  Poet. Writer. Space- Explorer. Transformed my life. Lost the mental weight, lost 60 pounds, created space, filled with self-love, now use the word impossible with caution. —— We are all worthy of self-respect and self-responsibility and we can prove it in our actions. Let's go get it!