All bets are on the table as Devils prepare for their comeback in hopes of winning the Stanley Cup in this season. The new season in Newark is opening soon and the Devils being the only representative team of New Jersey has a lot of expectations. Overtime, Devils have established themselves in such a manner that allows legal sports betting. Their increasing laurels in this field shows many prospects for them in sports betting. Their recent partnership with local sportsbook operators in New Jersey has given them a home team advantage, being the only New Jersey hockey club. And now it seems Devils looking to see $5 million from legal sports betting in response to the NHL season opener.

Even though there is no official word about which book they have chosen for themselves, the fans are more than excited and anxious about what’s to come from this season as the expectations are sky high. Devils are all in and has gotten the sports betting world wild. Young fans are looking forward to the season so they can finally participate in the betting to support their favorite team.

Things look good for the Devils as we got to know from an inside source that operators have already started approaching the Devils. This gives out a clear, confident message that their recent status has made things very easy for them. This includes their successful prospects of finding a sportsbook or partnering up with a casino this season. The Devils seem to have it all covered.

Multiple opportunities up for grabs for the Devils!

Devils happen to be the only hockey club in New Jersey which gives them a strong upper hand. Compare this with their previous performances and how they have risen through the ranks even though they have been unable to win the championship since 2003 but they still have potential which is bringing them the much-needed spotlight for the betting in the form of marketing partnerships. It is no doubt that Devils are here to win. They are keen on keeping the puck as well as the ice in their control. This was very clear in the statement that the club’s president gave. He was of the opinion that they are expecting about $5 million via different marketing partnerships. He pressed upon the gain of partnerships as a result of the operators approaching them and giving them an edge. The interest of the operators is reciprocated in the form of Devil’s participation in various partnerships.

The future for the Devils!

The new season in Newark holds many expectations from the Devils and we offer out heartiest good luck wishes for them.

William Hill has announced that the odds are in Devil’s favor by 40­1, surely Devils are on their way to win the Stanley Cup. If we look back, the Devils have failed to win the cup since 2003 but it seems that times have changed and the Devils are finally in form to win back the championship and the puck!


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