Awareness: knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. (Oxford dictionary)

Whether we want to attribute it to the unprecedented events of 2020, rare astrological alignments or simply an idea whose time has come, it’s now increasingly clear that there is a new level of perception on Earth.

 It’s as if we have woken up from a slumber and the dream that felt so life like, has disappeared from our minds. We are now facing reality, and it’s coming at us from all directions. This can feel overwhelming, exhilarating, terrifying or thrilling. 

There’s no right or wrong way to be feeling right now, but there is an opportunity to expand and evolve. When we are aware, we are in the know. 

Think about a moment in time when we received information that changed everything. Maybe it brought us hope, or opened us up to some potential we had not thought of. Maybe it rocked the foundation of our world. Maybe it’s all of the above. 

Like the ocean, the energy of the cosmos has waves that keep crashing along the shore. It’s not that the planets and their cycles are doing anything to us, but instead we can imagine that they are currents of energy flowing all around us. When we know which way the current is flowing, we can choose which way we want to swim. Or at least we can understand why swimming upstream is so tiring. The symbolism of the zodiac and the celestial bodies’ journey through it, is a narrative that can bring clarity to our current situations. 

If we know it’s raining we can choose to bring our umbrella and create a dryer future. Everyone is going to have a different relationship to the rain. The point isn’t to plan our entire lives and every move around a weather prediction, but it’s more about looking outside to see the weather for ourselves.

When we have information, just like looking out the window gives us info, we become more aware. When the lights are on, there is more information. Imagine sitting in a dark room and trying to understand our surroundings. It just doesn’t work. But when the lights are on, we have information. 

Throughout 2020 the Universe has been turning on the lights, big time. Think bright stadium lights that are blinding this planet called Earth. Everywhere we turn there is more information than ever before. The same way lights can be blinding, information can be overwhelming. 

2020 is a pivotal year. We are levelling up and it’s not for the faint of heart. It is however a time to honestly look at what is broken and what is in need of revamping. Remember, this doesn’t have to happen right away, but taking inventory and being honest with ourselves is the first step. 

“Earth is like a demolition zone right now, and we all know these are dangerou places to hangout (especially if we’re unaware, walking around in flip flops, and neglecting to look at our surroundings). Right now, we don’t know what the next evolution of energy will bring? Nonetheless we can look at Pluto’s transit through Capricorn (2008-2024) like the universe swinging a wrecking ball at how we have organized ourselves, both collective and individually”. ~Excerpt from Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies by Shannon Hugman

The Universe is levelling up and we are all invited for the ride. If we know the path of the wave, surfing can become less stressful and more graceful. Looking upwards to the cosmos and inwards to our intuitions can help us to navigate the crashing waves of information and emotion on the planet now. 

Our gut instinct knows which way the wave is going to break, and now is the time to trust it.