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“You’re Glowing!

A few things culminated recently to remind me of this very important way of showing up in the world. I’m always preaching about staying true to yourself, and shining brightly. But somehow, as much as I pursue that myself, I’m still recognizing my weak spots. Those places where I think I’m ‘glowing’ — but really — I’m not radiating that authentic light in its full glory. This free bird is still learning the art of disallowing the fears of OTHERS to become HER cage — while attempting to support those whom she loves.


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And, DO NOT SHRINK to make someone else feel more ‘comfortable’… (Tweet that too!)

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For me — my “You’re Glowing!” moment happened when I first decided to try a new breed of guided solo dance taught at a local studio… (’Tis something similar to zumba, but not quite. Hella-fun workout to music with freestyle moves incorporated via a talented dance instructor.) I had just completed my first class, and had an absolute blast doing it. I tend to struggle at times with coordinated movement — so this is something I wasn’t sure about. But I have to give myself more creds — because when I just focus on FUN (aka: JOY), and not on how ‘well’ I may or may not be doing something — I tend to soar — and truly enjoy the experience while I’m at it! (There’s something to be said for believing in yourself, and running with it.) I ran into a friend and started chatting, and she commended me for doing something like this ‘for me’…. I expressed how much I enjoy this kind of thing, and she said, “I can see that — You’re GLOWING!” I countered with some humor about how I was more likely ‘glistening’ with sweat — and she insisted that I was aglow from within. Indeed, I could feel it. I was radiating that magical, authentic, joy-filled light that comes from a soul whose flame has been thoroughly fanned, without exception. I wasn’t worried about anyone else. I wasn’t concerned at all with how I might be perceived. I was simply in my element, enJOYing an aspect of life that is ingrained within my very being, and allowing an authentic expression of self to shine brightly.

It boils down to this: Live in YOUR TRUTH. I emphasize both YOUR, and truth here, because your truth will not be the same as anyone else’s truth. This is more than just living in integrity, living up to your potential, or honesty. Those are important, and I value those qualities greatly. However, it goes deeper than that, and yet — it’s also a pretty simple concept — all at the same time. You need to FUEL YOUR SOUL with whatever brings YOU JOY.

Simply put, living in your truth means living out your joy. It means being a walking expression of what you feel within your very soul — at the core of you. You never make a better impression than when you are NOT trying to make an impression. Living from your soul… is living your truth. And that will always become an imprint on the right people for you…

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We all need the opportunity & freedom to simply BE — and do as we love — just as we are, without ridicule, justification, or judgement. Following the crowd crowds out our most authentic selves… Remember, rebellion is hot! But additionally, we need to fully recognize & embrace opportunities!

What if we saw all of our opportunities and encounters as an omen or beacon, or a stepping stone on our path? When we really tune in and pay attention to the things that are happening for us (not to us, but for us — even the seemingly negative situations) — what can we learn? How can grow? There’s so much to gain! When we embrace our path and see it from this perspective, it has the potential to bring about a huge shift in our lives, and we begin to bring more of what we need & desire toward us. The Universe wants our happiness. Plus, when we are in our element, when we truly shine — as in glow — we have so much more to offer those around us.

All too often we fall into patterns that are comfortable & ‘safe’ — and into roles that burden us with preconceived notions about what’s expected of us in those roles. As a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a child, a friend — we can easily begin to lose pieces of ourselves and forget what our soul is prompting us to do. This is especially true when we lose sight of the omens — which could be leading us in amazing directions — only when we remain steeped in possibility & allow them to. Tending to our joy in this way enables get to fulfill these roles during this life in more authentic and robust ways! We get to truly live in our truth, while spreading our light & our joy to others. How beautiful is that?

When you really think about ‘chance encounters’ and where things lead over time, can you truly chalk anything up to coincidence? Not me. I don’t believe in anything other than deliberate guidance from the Universe. It comes in bits & pieces, and you have to put the puzzle together on your own — because ultimately — we have free will. We can change our course any time. But when we’re more tuned in, and able to recognize the opportunities that are presented, we can help co-create our lives — weaving together a life we can truly LIVE and enjoy.

One simple act of authenticity can lead to a positive snowball effect. Remember — you can seize opportunities — and CREATE them — by acting out of authenticity as well as recognizing signals from the Universe.

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One simple act of authenticity can lead to a snowball effect! Click To Tweet

The series of events that led up to my finding this dance class I referenced above, where I was notably glowing, couldn’t be adequately explained in words. Those are the best kinds of guidance…. You know it’s meant when it defies explanation, and all you can do is sense a KNOWING deep within your heart that it is meant to be. And the timing is also notable. I had considered looking into it a number of times before I finally did. But I was truly in the right place to begin this quest when the series of events culminated.

The best way to get to the heart of YOU is by asking yourself this…. If money were of no consideration, if schedules weren’t conflicting, and if I was simply by myself (unhitched, not a parent, not busy with other ‘roles’) — aka — putting all excuses aside — and I could choose anything at all — what would I be doing with my time??

Once you figure out what that is — DO IT! Trust me, you’ll regret it more if you continue to put it off. (Been there.) And life is happening NOW! Things can change in the blink of an eye. Eliminate the excuses, and make time for what matters to you. *This doesn’t mean you completely disregard those you love (kids, spouses) or push aside all responsibilities…. It just means you CARVE out the time to fan your flame, and glow more brightly & authentically for those you love. As parents it can be even more difficult, and we need to set the example for our kids. How do we want them to embrace their lives? Remember, they learn what they live — so show ’em how — and everyone wins! Also remember — those who truly love you with a pureness of heart will support you in following your own heart.

Remember to do you… ALWAYS.

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