Stress is a common problem for many Americans. As we grapple with a global health pandemic, such as the current coronavirus outbreak, stress and anxiety are on the rise, especially considering that not everyone is serious about preventing COVID-19.

There are also many factors in everyday life that can cause stress. Just thinking about the investment of time and money plus the mess that home improvement projects can cause is enough to cause an anxiety attack for most people.

While home renovations can be stressful, there are actually several reasonably easy and affordable things you can do in your home that can reduce stress levels for everyone who lives there.

There are many different changes that can be made in your home to help reduce your stress. You may never have thought of some of them. Here are seven stress-reducing home improvements you can do around your home to help you feel less stressed and a little calmer.

1 – Paint your walls with stress-free color

If you are tired of your current wall color (or colors) and have been much stressed recently, you may want to think about changing your walls. In this way, you will get the change you are striving for and have a chance to lessen the additional stress that you have been carrying with you.

Believe it or not, the colors on your wall really have the potential to affect your mood. Are you stressing out trying to find a new insurance policy? We get it, insurance is complicated. Don’t be afraid, you can get free quotes for life, auto and home insurance on our site. No strings attached.

The stressors in our lives often seem endless. Maybe you work from home frequently and struggle with daily distractions. Whatever your situation, buying a new paint color from your local hardware store and breaking your brushes may be just what you need.

2 – Adjust your lighting

Are the lights in your bathroom and bedroom too bright? Try to tone it down!

Baths, showers, and naps are often a way for people to get rid of stress. But it’s hard to get rid of stress when you have lights as bright as your doctor’s exam room on your face!

Of course, getting dimmer lights may not be a possible solution for you, especially if you have your clothes in your bedroom. It’s hard to get dressed when you can barely see your clothes! Fortunately, technology advances and light bulbs too.

You can buy smart bulbs that you can control with your phone, or even install a dimmer switch that you can control from a switch on the wall.

Be smart! Getting smart light bulbs that you can control through your phone can also save you money through energy conservation. Having a less expensive electricity bill can also save you some stress. We all need good lighting and it’s a stress-reducing home improvement project like appliance repair that is fairly easy to tackle.

3 – Separate your home and your work

Whether you work from home entirely or just have a bit of paperwork to bring home, the thought of working so closely can be a bit stressful. Sometimes I wake up and remember that I have work to do. And then I get so stressed out that I inevitably start working on it. Then I look at the clock ten minutes later and see that it is 3 in the morning.

How can you reduce this stress that is preventing you from sleeping or relaxing efficiently?

The best way is to establish a physical separation between you and your work that causes you stress.

If you have the money and space to invest, you can always add an additional wall or build an addition to your home. If you are like me and would like to limit your expenses, simply put a few curtains in a room to designate an “office space”.

DIY Tip Another alternative could be to put your “projects” in a bin, bag, or cabinet to keep them out of sight. This physical separation can really give you peace of mind. Doing these home improvements could be something that greatly reduces the stress you feel while at home.

4 – Order and make room for yourself

If you don’t have the money or space to build new rooms, an alternative may be to make room and tidy up. Reducing clutter in your home can greatly relieve stress.

5 – Get an aquarium

Stress can be bad for your health. Although you do need health insurance, it is always an advantage that you do not have to visit the doctor more than necessary. Getting a small aquarium can be extremely beneficial for you when it comes to stress relief.