Updated on 10/31/19

For many people, podcasts have become the main medium that they prefer to digest many types of content like news, talk-shows, storytelling, and more. With so many streaming platforms to discover and listen to your favorite shows, sometimes your next go-to commuting podcast may go unfound. Podcast themes range from all sorts of topics depending on interests like helping you de-stress and helping you reach your personal goals.

With special guests sharing all sorts of experiences, podcasts all have elements that will make you laugh, feel inspired, spark ideas, educate you, and move you in some positive direction whether personally or professionally. Check out these five business podcasts to keep you engaged during your workouts, commutes, or study sessions. 

“Create Your Own Life”

Hosted by Jeremy Ryan Slate, Create Your Own Life or CYOL is a podcast with a mission to give listeners actionable steps they can take to create the business and life they have dreamed of. Jeremy coordinates with some of the world’s most well-known leaders to bring you raw, insightful knowledge from experienced veterans eager to give back and share. In an engaging, structured conversation, guests like Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone discuss topics like going against the grain and being all in. 

“The Business Wilderness” 

Business is a wild, wild jungle after all. Explore the knowns and unknowns of starting and growing companies on The Business Wilderness Podcast with host, Ahmad Elhawli. As an entrepreneur himself, Ahmad asks his guests thought-provoking questions that guide them to really be open and honest about their experiences. This gives you access into the trials, tribulations and triumph stories from the worlds scrappiest startups and successful industry leaders.

“AI in the Wild”

This weekly discovery show, AI in the Wild, hosted by Mina Salib is one to add to your favorites if you’re interested in tech. Exploring what an AI-centric future may look like, Mina interviews industry leading founders pioneering the applications of AI. Stay up to date with the latest developments in AI technology and hear from experts paving the way. Guests like Ivan Novikov, CEO of Wallarm, an award-winning AI cybersecurity platform, dive deep into the implications of how our world can change when sophisticated AI systems are deployed in various aspects of our lives.

“Event Industry News Podcast”

For event professionals, Event Industry News is a popular source of the latest news in the global event industry. Their podcast, Event Industry News Podcast, hosted by James Dickson is a quick way to keep up with the pulse of such a dynamic industry. They cover everything from event-tech, planning, leadership, and really take a storytelling approach. Get exclusive details from the people executing on the largest and most interesting events in the world.

“The Official Gadget Flow Podcast”

Hear from experts, consultants, creatives, CEOs, and people who raised millions in crowdfunding. The Gadget Flow Podcast, hosted by Alex Sugg, interviews a diverse range of professionals to bring you the best tips tricks in product marketing, crowdfunding, design, and everything in between. If you’re interested in gadgets, crowdfunding, marketing, and awesome people launching amazing companies, this one is for you.

“The Bad Crypto Podcast” 

Joel Comm & Travis Wright, hosts of The Bad Crypto Podcast, have published over 280 episodes featuring blockchain and crypto pioneers. Guests like John McAfee are returning favorites delivering updates over time on their endeavors. As fast as crypto values change, so does the entire market which is why you should be listening so you are up to date on the latest without reading whitepapers.

“Women in Tech Podcast”

Tune in to the weekly Women in Tech Podcast highlighting amazing women in the tech industry. With roles including engineers, female founders, investors, UX and UI designers, journalists, and more, the trailblazing guests share their stories of how they got to where they are today. The ethos of the show is what the host, Espree Devora, calls “actionable empowerment,” where listeners walk away feeling motivated, reflecting an “if she can do it, so can I,” attitude. Devora also hosts the WeAreLATech Podcast, the first podcast focused on Silicon Beach startups and was featured in INC Magazine as one of the top 30 women in tech to follow.

“Up At Night Podcast”

Co-produced by Gimlet Media and WeWork, the Up At Night Podcast is bringing to light what keeps entrepreneurs up at night. The host, John Henry, interviews leaders of growing, midsized businesses from the WeWork community, at night. With just two episodes released so far at the date of this update, this podcast is already providing value and has announced the guests of it’s next few episodes, including Rashmi Meligri of CoverWallet. John Henry is a Venture Partner at Harlem Capital and the host of Hustle, a Viceland entrepreneurial series on the struggles of tomorrow’s leaders doing what it takes to make it.

This diverse collection of podcasts has something for everyone, regardless of industry or interests. Use podcasts as discovery tools to get exposed to new concepts, ideas, methods, companies, products and then use your reading time to dive deeper. Try listening to podcasts with faster playback speeds like 1.2x to 1.5x to save time while digesting the content. You may just have to listen more actively at faster speeds, but that’s fine.


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