Employee Satisfaction

This phrase is often said by companies that aren’t putting efforts at all in this direction or are putting them all in the wrong direction. Otherwise, keeping employees happy and satisfied doesn’t require a lot, all that is required to be done by employers is to think beyond their profits and savings and really start thinking about the employees well being and giving them work of worth, while also giving importance to their opinions and ideas. 

However, this is clearly not as easy as it seems. And if anyone on the internet promises you that after following a certain strategy you will be able to satisfy your employees 100% then they are lying. It is a process and the things you do depends on the employees how they react to it. They may like it a lot, or not at all. There are a lot of factors that come into play in this regard. The best way we suggest is to ask the employees themselves as to what they want. You can ask the employees for their feedback and really try and adhere to it. So, in this blog, we will tell you five ways that can help you in increasing employee satisfaction. Take a look! But before that don’t forget to see why your engagement efforts are going vain

Arrange In-house Training & Development

Training is really important to not just make the employees groom themselves and their skills but also to grw your company. Now, these L&D programs can be as simple as exchanging knowledge with each other or calling a professional to teach a new skill to the whole team. There is also an option to get the online course arranged for the employees istead of leaving it up to them to hone their skills, if you take a step up, they would be more than satisfied work wise. This will show them that you care for them. The best HR software come with training and development module, so you can use the same to organise and track progress easily.

Reward More Often

It is no hidden fact that employees work to earn a living. However, it is not the only thing they need. As individuals, we have a basic need at work to be praised and recognised for the efforts and good work we do. Without it, it is really hard to keep employees satisfied and happy. Rewarding and praising makes a whole lot of difference. If the same feels like too much work to you or you keep frogetting to do so due to other tasks on the plate, you can start using the best HR software that comes with rewards and badges features. Either use it to praise them or give them redeemable points. Apart from this, you can also try to give vouchers for food or tickets to movie every week to the winner of a contest. For instance, whoever closed the most leads. This won’t burn a hole in your pocket but certainly make your employees happy! 

Enrol For Benefits Schemes

There are many benefits when it comes to wellness and employee welfare that the government is suggesting or making mandate. So, make sure you tie up with organisations to provide better benefits of working with you to the employees. PF, medical claim , paid leaves, simp off, overtime are all the first few things that come to a potential of existing employee’s mind if he think about benefits. So, make sure you map all of that in the best HR software you use so that the transparency sustains. 

Give them work life balance

Work pressure is real and so it is always a good thing to change the way you work. If earlier, you have always commanded what needs to be done how then maybe you should change that now. The best HR software can be used to track the goals set but they should be set with mutual consent. The employee for whom goals are being set should be asked how much is feasible. They shoould have the first say in setting their goals. Work that can be completed during office hours and they would not need to drag to their homes and kill their personal time should be discouraged. Not many companies do this and so this can actually help your employees see the good in you. 

Let them enjoy their recreational time

Lastly, to put an icing or the cake, you should also begin some fun activities at work to create a jovial and  happy atmosphere. This can include zumba, fun morning dance session, yoga or opening a mini gym or recreational room where there are some games like table tennis, cards, etc.