Several studies made in the past indicate that creativity is inherited. While humans are born creative, scholars also believe that a child could lose it as they grow. In a 1968 study, Author and Scientist George Land concluded that non-creative behavior is learned. It can be caused by the environment, life experience, fear of failure, and even the educational system. But here’s the good news, there’s also a way for us to mold and re-learned creativity.

One way to do this is by having a hobby. When you make creativity a part of your everyday life, your creative juices will grow. Now, let’s identify those hobbies and simple exercises that can actually replenish, if not elevate your creative energy.

Doodle. Draw, or paint

Drawing, doodling, and painting can improve a person’s cognitive function significantly. When you do any of these three, you are exercising the right side of our brain. By doing these you can increase concentration and mindfulness. What’s more, you are also exercising your learning synapses that can literally grow your brain, thus stretches your brain capacity. Make these three activities your hobby and you can greatly improve your creativity.

Not only artists, but some of the most successful businesses also use drawing and doodling as a technique to visualize their projects and create new ideas. It was Suni Brown, the author of The Doodle Revolution who revealed this. According to him, that well-known personality like Henry Ford and Steve jobs doodles as part of their creative process.


Like doodling and painting, Writing regularly can improve someone’s creativity. When you write, you generate and connect ideas. A celebrated author Todd Henry quoted in one of his books “When you give yourself frequent permission to explore the ‘adjacent possible’ with no restrictions on where it leads, you increase the likelihood of a creative breakthrough in all areas of your life and work.”

You don’t need to write. Write anything that comes to your mind. Even the ideas you don’t agree with are good topics to write.  You can also start in making simple journal. Writing every day can also help you relieve all stresses of the day.

Play competitive/mind games

Board game like chess can stimulate our brain and can help improve creativity. But it isn’t the only game that can boost our creative energy. A study created by Iowa State University detailed that some video games that foster creative freedom can enhance creativity under certain conditions.  Minecraft is the best example of this.

Scholars also claim that some games such as poker and xi dach (Vietnamese blackjack) can help boost creativity as these games challenge and allow our mind to exercise logical and strategic muscles in making the right decision.


When you read books, especially fiction novels, you are using your imagination to interpret what you read in the book. When you make reading your hobby, you will be able to calculate creative and new ideas fast.

Aside from boosting your creativity, there are many other benefits you can get from reading. You can learn a lot of things depending on the book you read. There are also study in the past that claims reading can improve empathy and confidence.

Thirty circle challenge

The circle challenge is a fun and helpful exercise to jumpstart your day. This activity (or can be a game) is famous for people working in the creative industry. To start the challenge you need to have first a paper with thirty circles in it. The goal is to turn those circles into other objects through drawing. You can draw whatever you want – a ball, bugs, or maybe cartoon character out of those 30 circles.  Your imagination is your limit. Doing this exercise every day will improve your creative muscle.

Bonus: Daydreaming! Let your imagination travel through space!

Okay, this is not an exercise or a hobby. However, daydreaming has a lot of benefits in boosting your creativity, as well as, your productivity. When you daydream, your creative muscle explores thoughts that you never even considered. Give your imagination a chance to see the unexplored.