There’s something about journaling that invites you to look inward, take stock, and live a more examined life. And while there’s value in writing your thoughts down — you know, with pen and paper, in a beautiful notebook that doesn’t need to be charged — you can also use technology to help. The enhanced capabilities of your phone can enrich the experience of journaling, helping you create a real-time record of what matters most to you in the moment.

Take Day One, a journaling app where text is only the beginning. Day One allows you to include photos, tag others, and pull in data ranging from what’s on your playlist to the current weather. It also integrates with other apps, allowing you to save favorite tweets and articles to create rich, multimedia journal entries you can revisit.

Then there’s Inome, a journaling app that’s explicitly there to help you build self-awareness. The app guides you through various reflections that help you explore your feelings, needs, strengths and weaknesses, and enable you to build habits that align with your passions and values.