To be successful in our personal and professional lives, we have to challenge ourselves and take risks. For some, stepping out of their comfort zone means going to a networking breakfast, while for others, it means finally going sky-diving. But wherever you fall on the “risk” spectrum in risk-taking, there are opportunities to challenge yourself everywhere you look.

Here are three apps that can help you try something new.


Meetup is an app that helps you meet people outside of your normal social network, enabling you to connect with people in your area based on common interests. Try using it to not only meet new people, but to find an activity that’s new to you as well, whether that’s volunteering, cooking or reading poetry at an open mic night. Remember, risk looks different to everyone, so try something that’s uniquely challenging to you.

The Outbound

Nature is unpredictable, making it the perfect place to challenge yourself and roll with whatever comes your way. The Outbound is an app that helps you discover new places, gives you directions to those locations and lets you search for specific activities based on your skills (because remember, taking a risk doesn’t mean putting yourself in dangerous situations) and circumstances (like if you’re traveling with your family or dog). It’s also an online community: you can connect with your friends, or make new ones, and trade stories about the best spots to get outside and try new things.

Shuffle My Life

If you want to break out of your routine and introduce a little more spontaneity into your life, try Shuffle My Life. The Android app uses your current location to suggest a random activity that you might not normally try, from buying tickets to an upcoming concert to taking your run to a new location. The point of the app is to mix things up and help you find small but tangible ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone.