You know that giving back feels good. But science also shows that giving to others is a boon to your mental and physical well-being. It’s all the more reason to find a cause you love and get involved in a meaningful way. Here are two apps that can help you start giving back (and reaping the benefits of helping others) today.


GiveGab is an app that makes it easy to donate your time. You create a profile, pick the causes that are most important to you and learn about nearby volunteer opportunities that match your interests. You can share your photos and thoughts about your volunteering experiences on the app in a social news feed-style section called “The Gab.” The social aspect makes it easy to find inspiration—and to inspire others—to keep giving back.


With SocialGive, you can “micro-donate” to a cause of your choice by linking your bank account to your social media habits. You pick a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook and set the amount you want to donate, which can be as little as $0.50. Every time you “like” something on that platform, a micro-donation will be made to the cause of your choice. The app lets you set an allowance for how much you want to spend so you can monitor your spending. (Plus, it’s a good incentive to be more mindful about how much time you spend online.) According to the app’s website, SocialGive was designed to help the billions of people who use social media give back without going out of their way, and streamline donating to the many nonprofits that don’t have seamless mobile donation system. Now, you can tap “like” and give back, just like that. There’s also a built-in social component that shows what causes your friends are supporting, making giving back feel more like a communal effort.