Benefits on benefits.

In our fast-changing global workplace, it’s nice to know that one thing stays the same: Companies that treat their people well rise to the top. Case in point: LinkedIn’s new Top Companies 2017 List, where the leading spots are full of organizations that prioritize well-being in addition to the bottom line.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the companies that led the lists around the world. (The lists are compiled based on “interest in a company’s jobs, interest in a company’s brand and employees, and employee retention,” according to LinkedIn.)

United States

Alphabet — In his post announcing the list, LinkedIn Editor in Chief Daniel Roth praised “The opportunity and resources employees are given to tackle massive problems, stretching from creating self-driving cars to impeding extremism,” at Google’s parent company, which landed at number one on the U.S. list.

Amazon — The tech giant, which came in at number two, offers a unique paid leave policy called “leave share” that allows employees to share six weeks of paid leave with a partner or spouse whose company doesn’t offer parental leave.

Salesforce — At number four on the U.S. list, Salesforce encourages volunteerism by giving every employee eight days of extra paid time off to “give back to causes they find meaningful,” Roth wrote. The company also recently added six months of parental and primary caregiver leave to its benefits.


Flipkart — Taking the number one spot on India’s list, Flipkart gives employees a “career break” after two years, where they can do anything from continue their education to relax with family.

Adobe — Employees and their families get free-of-charge doctor’s visits and consultations on Adobe’s campus. (The company came in 7th on India’s list.)


PwC Australia — In addition to giving employees their birthday’s off, the number one company in Australia has “meditation spaces and meetings on treadmills, and also offers flexible scheduling so employees can choose how, where and when they work.”

KPMG Australia — Flexibility is king here too, as KPMG, which came in at number two, allows staffers make their own hours and tells teams to sit wherever they work best within the company’s space.


Cielo — The company, which came in at number 11 on Brazil’s list, brings specialists like psychologists and nutritionists to its headquarters so employees can have free consultations.


BMW — No, the company (which ranked 11th on Germany’s list) doesn’t give employees free cars. But they do let them choose a car to use on their wedding day, including rides from the historical collection.

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