Glassdoor, the job recruiting site that’s home to millions of company reviews, salary reports and other employee feedback, published its annual “Top 20 Employee Benefits & Perks.” It’s a fascinating look into the new ways employers are working to stand out from the crowd and keep their staffers happy.

The company (a Thrive Global partner) highlighted organizations including Ikea, where employees there have access to $3 daily meals, a quiet room and up to four months paid parental leave for both full and part-time employees, Reebok, with its sure-to-be-amazing on-site gym, and Bain & Company (ranked as the best place to work in 2017) where, among other perks, any employee can participate in the yearly two-day, location-changing “Bain World Cup” soccer tournament (last year’s took place in Brussels).

See if your company made the list here.

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