These 5 female founders shared their insight on how they push forward toward business success. From company values to engaging in the community, there are many different ways to set yourself apart in the business world. 

Nikki Carlson, Co-Founder of ChicExecs

“We love the aspect of creating intrapreneurs who take a personal interest in their own work. Then they love what they do and their performance and loyalty is even greater for the company. It’s important to create that environment by implementing a strong culture that enforces this. Some ideas are to place employees in a custom job description that uses their gifts and talents, creating a pay-based system that rewards them for the time they put in as well as their performance and giving them recognition for developing innovative ideas or processes.”

Julie Weldon, Founder of A Salty Rim and O.M.E. Gear

“You are a constant walking billboard for your business. Be friendly and interested in others, and they will want to know more about you. Support local, and they will want to support you. Build relationships. Be a connector. Promote other people and they will be more apt to spread good things about you. Get out in your community and be impactful.”

Meredith Miller, Founder of Celiac Cutie

“I’ve learned that taking some risks are not just ok, they’re necessary! You can try a strategy and invest in something as a way to grow your business and if it doesn’t work? You can stop! I have really learned that even following steps that ‘experts’ tell you to follow, won’t always work for you so it’s ok to take a risk and consider it learning if it doesn’t work, not failure.”

Micky Sivapruksa, Founder of Flexi Lexi

“Always follow your dreams and don’t say I can’t. Because you can and you will. It might sound cliche but I think most of the time people who believe in following their dreams succeed.”

Carla Berkowitz, Founder of Perfect Balance World

“You have to make yourself a part of the larger community you’re selling to. Tell your story and remember everyone’s back-story! Get on social media, talk to fans, talk to competitors, talk to ANYBODY to get noticed. In doing this, we discovered that Perfect Balance World has Uber-Fans who have their own PBW stories! Give people something exciting to buy in to.”