Have you ever gone to bed at night hoping that everything will look better in the morning?

But you go to bed stressed and wake up stressed.

Stress is as much a mental issue as a physical one, and it is important to know how to soothe and clear your mind.

If you’ve had a particularly hard day at work, it can be difficult to let go of things when you get home. Perhaps you find yourself dreaming about work or other stressful situations each night. These are all signs that you are dealing with too much stress. But how in the world do you let go of those nagging thoughts?

Clearing and soothing your mind can be achieved by focusing on something that you enjoy. I remember when I was younger and took ballet.  The teacher told you to focus on one object when you Pirouette. 

Everyone can focus. It may be true that some people find it easier to maintain their focus than others but it doesn’t mean you can’t.

What you need is something that will distract you from thinking about the disturbing or unwanted thoughts you are experiencing. Think back to a time when you were so engrossed in something that the time just flew by. Maybe you were refinishing an old piece of furniture and before you knew it was time for dinner.This is the point where you want to be.

Getting to this stage is easier than you might think. If you are having trouble allowing all that tension to leave your body, try doing some Yoga. It can help you get in touch with your body and mind. Enabling it to relax. If Yoga isn’t for you, then try listening to some soothing music to help you.

It can also help to have a point or object to focus on. One dentist I know had pictures on the ceiling so that you could focus on that instead of what he was doing.

You can try lying on your bed and looking at a picture that holds a special meaning to you. Then put on your music and let the sound envelop you. Stay focused on your picture and don’t allow any other thoughts into your mind.

You might also like to try a sound machine. Listening to waves crashing in the ocean might do the trick for you. The sound of birds chirping might have you envisioning a walk in a beautiful forest.

All of these things can help ease your mind and clear it.

An excellent way to relax and get back in touch with your body is to go for a massage. Just saying that might make you relax! A great massage can help relieve the tension in your muscles and will leave you feeling refreshed again.

Try having a happy wallet. In general, you think of your wallet as a place to put your money. The more money you have, the happier you are. However, the type of happy wallet I’m talking about is one where you place pictures instead of credit cards. The more you have the happier you are.

Anytime you feel upset or down you can open your happy wallet and look through the pictures that take you to a happier place and time.

You might have visited a majestic mountain and simply looking at that picture brings you back to that moment in time.

Soothing your mind involves learning how to discover those pleasures in life again. Once you have found yours, don’t let it go. Get into the habit of soothing your mind on a regular basis. Any time that your work or life, in general, is getting you down, treat yourself to something that makes you truly happy. 

Did you know:

  • Three-Fourths of the human population undergo stress.
  • Stress is one of the main factors causing insomnia.
  • Chronic stress decreases the body’s immune system.
  • Stress can result in more headaches.

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