At age 19 Cooper Weiss has quite the track record of success. He and co-founder fidget 360 at 17 years old and did over 400k in sales in 6 month. They became the first company to mass produce the fidget spinner and kick start the viral trend.

Gavin Dantez has mastered the arts of paid traffic and conversions. His background in NLP and evolutionary psychology has helped him persuade the masses to buy hundreds of thousands of product. 

I got the chance to interview them and find out how they have been able to sell $800k of their new products in 7 months from scratch.

What inspired you guys to become entrepreneurs or were you always this way?

We could give you some corny answer like… we wanted to be in control of our own destiny or whatever… but at the end of the day. We are just obsessed with working hard and building companies. We don’t need fluffy inspiration, we just do the work and the results come, getting results is what inspires us. Too many wantrepreneurs out there wait to “be inspired” and never actually get anything done. Or they take pictures in front of someone else’s lambo, hoping people will think they are successful.

What have you learned throughout this journey that can help young entrepreneurs who are trying to build a fast growing company like yours?

Again we could give you the generic story to get everyone to relate to us… but really, we learned that if you are strategic and do the real work you can get real results. If you have an idea, take massive action and figure it out as you go. Movies like “the secret” have hurt a lot of people who don’t understand action is what get your results. Not hoping and wishing for a Ferrari to show up in your garage. Setting goals and having vision is great, but you have to follow up with immoderate implementation or you will lose.

Why Magnet Mount? Why did you choose to build a company around car mounts?

The saying that seems to go around a lot is… follow your passion and the money will follow? This is true to some extent, unless your passion is something no one gives a crap about. We see people trying to sell things they hope others will like, and we see them fail and continue to fail. For us, yes we are passionate about building business and making money… but we care about finding solutions to problems that can scale. For real though, we aren’t that passionate about car mounts, but we found a better solution to a problem and have built the fastest growing car mount company in the world because that. Fact is, we saw millions of people were buying car mounts, but they hated so many things about the clunky annoying ones, so we created a sexy and simple mount that our customers are in love with. Then we put our message in front of millions of people. And then extended our product line by create more products our customers were asking for. As for our passion? We are passionate about marketing and creating businesses and travelling the world and doing cool shit.

How did you guys do it?

Honestly, we could write a book on everything that has gone into it… but here are a few really good tips that made a huge difference for us.

First off, we use Facebook and google ads. We have found that Facebook ads are the superhero that gives you the ability to scale rapidly from scratch, and google ads are the side kick for search traffic and retargeting.

Second, we found a passionate hungry audience, then crafted content that was a perfect match for them.

Then we discovered what our customers objections were and what they liked most about the product. We learned everything about our target audiences!

And created even better content that the converts like crazy.

Because of this we get 7-10% conversions on cold traffic ads, which has allowed us to rapidly scale to over 800k in seven months.

Here are some key points for young entrepreneurs looking to build and scale an Ecom business online:

#1- Build your own brand

These days too many young entrepreneurs are looking for quick cash schemes, and jump from one thing to the next.

We focused on building a real brand and product category so we could build a sustainable business that can be sold when the time is right.

#2- Content is king

We realized that if you want to win in the facebook algorithm… you must create the best and most engaging content that also converts.

This way you get the cheapest and best traffic.

Think about this… Facebook wants their audience to have the best experience on Facebook, and they want their advertisers to make lots or money.

This way, everyone wins.

Content that gets likes, shares, comments, views, clicks, purchases and positive feedback will be put to the front of the line and be served to the best audience for the cheapest.

That’s how you will the ad game.

#3- Same country fulfillment

Drop shipping wont last.

No one wants to wait 2-4 weeks to get the products they ordered.

We have 2-4 day priority shipping is the USA and the countries we run ads to. We make sure to make this point on our site and it dramatically increases conversions.

Think about it, we are living in an instant gratification society. Think amazon prime, people will pay more to get something faster, than pay less and wait longer ?

Quick tip: drop shipping should be for testing and to find winning products, but once you find a winner, do same country fulfilment to countries you run big ad spend to.

#4- Experiment and drop the ego

Test everything.

Find out what your customers actually want, and what actually works to sell them, and what is actually profitable for the business.

Who cares what you believe people should want… or what you think will work.

If it doesn’t work, move on, test something else. Drop the ego.

Question is…

Do you care more about your business succeeding or being right?

Unfortunately, most people care more about being right and can’t handle being wrong.

They will most certainly lose the marketing game.

What were some challenges?

We have had a laundry list of challenges.

At the end of the day, that’s what we believe separates Real entrepreneurs from wantrepreneurs. The ability to solve problems and keep going in hard times.

In our first month we did 78k in sales and PayPal shut down our account because they said we scaled to fast and they thought we must be committing fraud lol. They held our money for six months, it was horrible. All our profit was gone, and it took us a few weeks to figure out alternatives. It sucked.

We would have scaled this business to well over a million if so many challenges hadn’t come up. But we never once thought about giving up, we just kept solving problems.

What’s next for you guys?

We got a few more project up our sleeves, and trust me… we are just getting warmed up. Just follow us on instagram to see what we are up to.