When you have the opportunity to ask some of the most interesting people in the world about their lives, sometimes the most fascinating answers come from the simplest questions. The Thrive Questionnaire is an ongoing series that gives an intimate look inside the lives of some of the world’s most successful people.

Thrive Global: What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed?
Jonathan Webb: I take a deep breath and start moving right away. I love popping out of bed and walking about as I read through my task list for the day. I drink water and try to focus as I think about the targets directly in front of me.

TG: What gives you energy?
JW: Whether it be early morning or late at night I start replaying my actions from the previous day and visualize my steps for the next day. It gives me more fuel and energy the more I think through the recent past or near future.

TG: What’s your secret life hack?
JW: Multi-tasking. I know many folks aren’t fans of multi-tasking but for me it seems to work well.

TG: Name a book that changed your life.
JW: What Is the Bible? How an Ancient Library of Poems, Letters, and Stories Can Transform the Way You Think and Feel About Everything by Rob Bell.

TG: Tell us about your relationship with your phone. Does it sleep with you?
JW: I have told myself I am going to get rid of my mobile device and only use a landline. So far that isn’t working. I have two iPhones and they sleep with me.

TG: How do you deal with email?
JW: For better or worse I pride myself on a timely response. Depending on the situation I try to respond in realtime. 

TG: You unexpectedly find 15 minutes in your day, what do you do with it?
JW: Daydream. I believe it is important to take a step back sometimes and just let thoughts run.

TG: When was the last time you felt burned out and why?
JW: I get tired more than I burn out. I remind myself to be thankful and it always pushes me through moments when I may start to feel like I’m burning out.

TG: When was the last time you felt you failed and how did you overcome it?
JW: I fail all the time. It’s just a matter of recovering quickly and trying to adjust going forward.

TG: Share a quote that you love and that gives you strength and peace. 
JW: I’m not sure it’s a quote but it is two words: Keep charging. One of my mentors Jim Host would text me or email “keep charging” and it has stuck with me. No matter my current position or situation I just keep charging. 

Jonathan Webb grew up in Kentucky, the 3rd largest coal producing state in the US, and has been committed to finding sustainable projects that can be developed on the 1.2 million acres of reclaimed coal mine lands in Central Appalachia. Webb is the founder and CEO of AppHarvest. The sustainable agriculture company is bringing the future of farming to Appalachia with high-tech greenhouses.