Imagine the world working together. Imagine the sharp and quick skills of the millennials, the mature experience of Generation X, and the wise decisions of Baby Boomers coming together as one to complete and achieve greatness. 

One of the best decisions I’ve made was to become an equal addition to building my partner’s companies. 

No more getting clients. 

No more selfish gain.

No more us vs them. 

But rather building a loyal and supportive team of partners who are in it to win it for the long run. 

As soon as I looked at things from this angle, seeing everyone as on the same team as partners, my business changed. Not only my business, but for my partners businesses. There was a deeper feeling of team work that made our lives easier since there was more trust involved. 

Vince Lombardi says the following: “Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

As I hear this, it resonates with the idea of calling your clients partners. When I hear entrepreneurs or business owners saying that they need to get “clients,” I shudder and flinch a little because they’re missing the whole point. I don’t want short term clients. I want long term partners. I want longevity. It’s the same thing as a marriage or a relationship. I want to know someone is there to stay and is willing to do what it takes to achieve a certain goal. 

Not only does this help with the long term, but it helps with your health. 

Knowing that me and my partners are working together for a similar cause takes the stress off of us as we know that each one of us are not dividing up at 50/50, but working together at 100/100. 

Here’s why we need everyone to thrive as partners in this day and age: 

Why we need Millennials

Millennials are with the times. They’re quick and sharp and are adaptable to change. They will take up almost 75% of the workplace by 2030. Millennials are looking for growth and are willing to put in more work to see results and get recognized. They also seek proper mentorship. Not a boss. The reason millennials are quick to jump ship from their current position is because of their boss. We need millennials more than ever to provide us the proper insight of where trends are happening. 

Why we need Gen X

Generation X will be the life-force of sustaining business. They’re in the middle. They have the youthfulness to cater towards the young millennials and offer support and guidance, and they have the expertise to manage and lead Baby Boomers who are learning to adapt to the fast paced speed of market trends. 

Why we need Baby Boomers 

Baby boomers have been through it all. They have the insight and experience that are needed while making important decisions. They keep things grounded and immovable while keeping a sense of stability. They can offer wisdom beyond years and it’s the Boomers who will stabilize the millennial’s directions. 

As we learn to work together, we’ll be able to achieve more. You can go fast alone, but you can go far together. 

They’re not clients. They’re partners.