When a TV Show moves big crowds all around the world, you can tell it’s worth the hype. I didn’t read any spoilers, neither did I know anything about the plot. And here we are. Five episodes into ‘Bridgerton’ I had become obsessed, since then I’ve been gushing over the Duke to my friends. They must be tired of me at this point. 

A few words about the plot (SPOILER ALERT):
The series take place in the 1800s Regency London high society where the powerful Bridgerton family is the heart of the show. Daphne Bridgerton is the eldest daughter, she makes her debut in the marriage market, impressing the Queen as well. Here comes Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings in the picture. He’s a highly attractive bachelor and catch of the season. These two can’t deny their attraction towards each other which soonly developes into love, but they make a hard way until they reach it. 


Well, now I share with you what I’ve learned from ’Bridgerton’ so far.

1. Value of women shouldn’t depend on marriage
As a woman back then, if you didn’t have a husband at a young age, you eventually started to lose your worth. Daphne Bridgerton was desperate to find one, as she was raised in her whole life to be prepared for marriage duties. At that time women didn’t search husband in the name of love, they needed a safe status. I adore the fact that Daphne didn’t realize in the first round, but actually married for love.

2. Best marriage is based on friendship
Daphne and Simon have found best friends in each other which only made them more vulnerable and real characters. The more people I get to know, the more I see that it’s a great way to start as friends before getting romantically involved. Following this you will become comfortable around each other. Lesson for the future.

3. Sex and intimacy together are powerful
Anyone can have sex, but not anyone can put intimacy into it. Eye contact is key and honestly who wouldn’t want to hear their spouse whispering words like: Is it good for you? The series show sex scenes (a LOT) from various aspects and it only confirms that there’s a huge difference between sex and sex.

4. We need old morals back
In the 1800s if a man grabbed an unwed woman’s arm or kissed her, that meant he defiled her innocence. Yes, that’s right, losing innocence didn’t start with sex. Women were more respected, and I also find that lovely how a man had to ask first for his future wife’s hand. There are people who still do that these days though, this is a beautiful tradition. Without the duel.

5. The ball gowns
I urge everyone to talk about this. I’m sure my eyes shined bright when I saw those gorgeous ball gowns. And I haven’t mentioned the hair accessories yet. If there was an order saying that women must wear this style, I would be the first one who throws out the previous wardrobe. I would walk in my gowns around the city hoping that one day I find my Duke as well. 

5+1. Talking of the Duke…
We all need that kind of person in our life who treats us like a Duchess. End of story.