Life can teach us many important lessons. While all life lessons are invaluable in helping us become the person we are today, some of them we have to learn the hard way. Sometimes unexpected things happen that bring us to our knees, forcing us to realize that we would never be able to handle the situation without tapping into the “superpower” inherent in every one of us.

At 14 years old, I knew nothing about my “superpower.” I was in a horseback riding accident, suffered a traumatic brain injury, was in a coma, and endured numerous surgeries and operations. I was told that my life would never be the same. Thinking back, what hurt me even more than the physical pain was the doctor’s belief that I wouldn’t live a normal life and that I should be taken out of school.

Thankfully, my family had something completely different in mind for me, a life journey full of hope and potential. They knew from the bottom of their heart that the doctors’ limiting beliefs had nothing to do with me and that taking me out of school was not the right path.

Shortly after my accident, I went back to school and did not allow my “troubled circumstances” to define me. I hung on to my dreams tighter than ever before and did not let anything take me off course. Despite the setbacks I experienced due to my accident, I got into one of the top 100 universities in the United States, graduated college with honors, and landed an exciting job at a global luxury lifestyle brand in New York City where I was able to help people experience the best that this world has to offer. While none of these milestones came without challenges, I tackled all obstacles in my way.

But, wait, that’s not all! I traveled the world and visited over 30 different countries, gaining exposure to other cultures and ways of living. I also responded to my calling and completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training and earned a health coaching certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I am filled with gratitude for all of the pieces that my life has been made of this far. But what I am most proud of is that by recently having launched my personal coaching business, Fieldswell, I now have a platform to empower others to realize their full potential.

Many people fall victim to their circumstances, and I want to prevent that from happening. Living through my accident, the question I asked myself was never: “Why did this happen to me?” but instead, “How can I best make it through this, and once I do, how can I use what I learned to help other people?”

If you feel like you’re going through something that seems to be the end of the world, I am here to tell you it’s not. No matter how convinced you may be that it’s all over, know that it’s only the beginning. You have been presented with an opportunity to navigate an unprecedented challenge and can come out the other side as a stronger, wiser you.

Here are some tips to get you on the way to becoming the best version of yourself:

Fully Embrace This Moment

I believe that happiness is found when we learn to seize each and every moment. Do not wait for someone or something else to bring you joy. Decide to be happy now and don’t make happiness a condition of a future event that may never arrive. So many make the terrible mistake of thinking this way: “I will be happy when I … ” or “I will be happy once he … ” Catch yourself when such thoughts formulate in your head and refocus. Notice all the blessings you have in your life in this very moment to feel the exhilarating feeling of gratitude and joy.

Why allow yourself to suffer when you can decide to find joy instead? Anxiety is merely the failure to be present. Since we genuinely have no idea what tomorrow will bring, expect great things! Wake up today and say to yourself, “YES! I’m alive!!! What amazing things is this day going to bring?!”

Training yourself to think this way is a daily job. You have to work at it, but the power is in your hands. If you struggle with this, I highly recommend a gratitude journal. When in a downstate, shift your focus by writing down everything you have in your life to be thankful for. Even the tiniest things will make a huge difference, creating a massive shift in the way you view your life.

Stop Worrying About THEM

We spend so much time worrying about what other people think of us. Rarely do we give this any significance, yet anguishing about how others view us can poison our days. The truth is that most people are focused primarily on themselves. They don’t sit around thinking negatively about you. And even if they do, why does it matter?

Don’t let other people’s opinions influence who you are as a person. That will only hold you back from expressing your true identity, which you need to manifest to take your life to the next level. I’ve always believed that what people say about you says more about them than it does about you. When people judge you, their judgment is nothing more than an unhealed part of themselves that they choose to express.

Learn to not take things personally. When you master this, you will have reclaimed your power. And rightly so. When you realize that what anyone thinks of you has absolutely nothing to do with you, you can no longer be affected by them.

Live in a State of Flow

If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it. Do not cling to anything or anyone. This creates an energy of desperation or lack, which sends the object in the opposite direction. Don’t waste your time chasing love, success, or money. Instead, focus on becoming the best version of yourself, and soon you will find those things will chase you.

If you want love, be loving. If you want inspiration, be a light. If you want success, put in the work. Life is a mirror reflecting your inner world. Authentically align with your true self and dance with the rhythm of life. Focus on what you want and believe that it is already yours.

Take Care of Yourself

Think of your body as a piggy bank – every single thing you put in counts. If something doesn’t feel right, change what you’re putting into the equation, and you will have a different outcome. Whether it is food, podcasts, books, work, fitness, thoughts, music, words, sleep, care, love, or dreams, they all count.

Fill yourself with the good stuff and watch your life flourish. When you feel good in your skin, you radiate beauty from the inside out. Remember that “like attracts like.” Tune into a high-vibration frequency by giving out positive, loving emotions. You will find that emitting self-confidence and self-love will make you magnetic, allowing you to attract into your life more of what you desire.

Define Your Goals

Have you taken the time to get clear on your goals? If not, today is the perfect day to do that. If yes, congratulations, as defining your goals is the first step towards achieving them. Are you doing everything you can to accomplish them? Do you have a list of what you want to achieve in the next year, 5 years, even 10 years? Do you read this list every day when you wake up and before you go to sleep at night? Can you visualize your goals becoming a reality? I can.

Why is it important to write down your goals? Because you can unleash the power of your mind by looking at your goals in your own handwriting. In fact, you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down on a regular basis. To put it simply, goals help us become better versions of ourselves.

In Conclusion

Realize that everything is infinite. We are the universe experiencing itself in human form. Every single one of the over 37 TRILLION cells in our body work tirelessly to keep us alive! It is our job to nurture ourself and feed those babies so we can become our best self. You got this. Deep down, you know, you have what it takes. We’re all fully equipped. It’s just a matter of actualizing our full potential.

No one is going to do it for you. What’s holding you back?