Inside the Mind of a Creator

The life of a creative turns the routine of the ordinary citizen upside down. Artistic people use more of the right brain so they process life from a much different perspective. Philosophical questions and large goals are an artists’ best friends. They tend to see opportunities and possibilities where the analytical brain sees none. Creatives are willing to take risks and broaden their mode of thinking in order to explore all that life has to offer.


Artists are innovative. Due to their love of beauty, they are able to alchemize almost any object or situation into artistry. While the straight-thinking of a logical individual may see a tree and call it a tree, an inventive person may see a tree and envision an entire mural. While a left-brained person may experience a breakup as heartbreak, a right-brained person can take it a step further and turn it into a poetic ballad. Creatives see opportunities for self-expression in everything life throws their way.


Introspection and isolation often come along with the lifestyle of an artist. They are often drawn to times of going within and sitting alone in silence. Creative individuals are frequently described as having their heads in the clouds. However, daydreaming is one of the most productive activities for creatives to engage in, as described here. Daydreaming opens up the creative faculties in the right brain allowing artists to keep creative ideas flowing. Innovative types also enjoy introspection because it gives them a chance to retreat from an often highly-active brain. They get a chance to settle their thoughts and practice mindfulness. Mindfulness has been proven to enhance mental clarity as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Right-brained individuals require these moments of solitude in order to regroup and to ward off brain fatigue.


To no one’s surprise, artists are very passionate. Artists have big goals and tend to pursue the best they feel that life has to offer. They are never content with an average, mundane, day-to-day lifestyle. In today’s world, society has forced its artists to make a way where there is no way. And they are up to it.

Originally published on Omid Chaman’s website.