As a group of companies, we’ve been working 80% remotely for a while now. We have a small office in a co-working hub for meetings or when things get a bit hectic, but by and large we’re ‘digital nomads’. So, I’ve become a bit of an expert in how to get things done while working in one of the most distracting places you can set up your laptop … Your home.

So, here are my top five things that can ruin your day working from home:

1. Staying in your pyjamas.

Now, there are some very dedicated ‘pyjamapreneurs’ out there, so it’s likely as I’m typing this there will be someone, somewhere typing the exact opposite of what I’m about to say. But here goes, “Get dressed! Every single day!”

If you don’t have to leave home, it’s tempting to stay in your pj’s. Yes, I’ve even done it a few times myself which is why I can tell you that nothing gets your day off to a productive start like drawing that line in the sand between home life and work life.

2. Working at the kitchen table.

Working at the kitchen table might seem like a great idea. It’s the heart of your home, it’s comfortable, and you’re close to food. But the reality can be very, very different! In those moments of procrastination, you’ll suddenly see the dishes that didn’t get washed up or your kids’ shoes in the middle of the lounge room floor. And before long you’ll have spring cleaned your entire home!

Get yourself set up in a dedicated work area.

3. Background Netflix company.

If you’re used to working in an office or a café or with other people, you might find that home can start to get really, really quiet. Ok, it is tempting to just pop on some Netflix for a bit of company and background noise. That is until you realise it is dark outside, you are still in your pj’s, your computer’s been off for hours, and somehow, you’ve binge-watched the entire new season of Orange Is The New Black, in one day!

Background noise is good, just make sure it does not distract you totally from your work.

4. Not having an actual plan.

Even though you’re at home, it’s still a work day. So, still make the usual to-do lists and plans that would accompany a normal day at the office. Don’t forget about planning your food too! Take snacks and water to your desk and have an idea of what you’re going to have for lunch.

Going back and forward to the kitchen for refreshments can yield the same results as working from the kitchen table.

5. Your family.

Lastly, I’m getting to the family. Now, this may sound harsh, to begin with, but bear with me. If your family would normally be at home, being a family, during the time you have decided to work from home, you can’t expect them to alter their day to fit in with you. Anticipate that your kids are going to be excited you’re there and want to see you or that your significant other will suddenly need to ask you a question or want your input on what to have for dinner.

If you’re working on something that requires minimal distractions, consider finding another space.

Working from home can be one of the best rewards of working for yourself, but your productivity depends on reducing distractions.

So, the next time you’re working from home, consider my top five things that can ruin your day, avoid them and make your day working from home, relaxing and profitable.

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