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Everyone wants to be successful these days and for that one needs a good and healthy working environment. But what is in the box for a millennial at work? Okay, let me get this straight now. Work is worship, does everyone agree on this. Yes, without work we don’t get a better standard of living life, because we don’t get/have sufficed money to spend. And everyone tends to have some kind of expectations at their new job or if it is a new role. Isn’t it? Am I wrong? Correct me if I am. But to the least, we expect good work culture and a good boss to the maximum and yeah, bonus and holidays (Leaves which many wanted to know before they join).

According to the recent report of Gallup study, it showed that nearly three in 10 Millennials are very often or always burned out at work and about seven in 10 experience at least some burnout. And the reasons why Millennials hate their workplace are plenitude in number. Here is a major few listed, out of many reasons.

Superiors making some fun on you – Being new at the workplace, there is always an anomaly between superiors and Millennials. These days we see these common things happening in the four-sided corporate rooms.  It is always a challenge in the initiation days to get acclimatize with the working conditions and the people around.

These sarcastic jokes by superiors on millennials and making fun about them in front of other employees make them feel animosity about the company and this, in turn, defames the company’s brand image. Making fun is fine but anything exceeding the limit is not good and against the rules of any organization.

Not having and being a great manager at the workplace – There is a difference between “being a manager” and “being a great manager”. As per Gallup study, it is said that companies fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for the job 82% of the time. Millennials come and join the organization with a hope that their managers guide in shaping them a better employee.

The world needs leaders who could shape us in a better way so that we could face any upcoming future challenges. But it is rare that managers focus only on end results and asking for closures of deals instead of concentrating on Millennials by giving them better training what they actually required to close a deal.

These days’ millennials don’t want people who command and ask them to do something; they need good guides and proper mentors who could shape them better. So, hiring better people with proper managerial skills who can understand the mindset of employees is very important.

You should laugh at the manager’s/superior’s joke even if you don’t like it – It’s really arduous but you should laugh your heart out just because your manager told “Okay let me tell you a joke” even though it isn’t a joke anymore or maybe a joke of olden times which you had heard it thousand times.

Focusing on results rather than on training – This is one of the major things millennials hate and this is why they jump from one organization to other abruptly. As per Deloitte young workers are not ready for industry and forty-three percent of the millennials leave their jobs within two years. The reason is improper training and lack of proper rewards.

It is indispensable to retain them as they are the young workforce who can take up more risk than employees who are older in the forties. For that proper training is very essential instead of focusing on results first and employers should understand this issue and sort it very soon after identifying. 

Office politics – According to the survey it is said that nearly 39% of the respondents lose interest to work due to office politics. It is evident about the corporate politics played by superiors and managers at the workplace which discourages millennials during promotions and bonus of pay.

It is very important to have a proper interaction and communication at the workplace which makes proper and smooth functioning of the organization. These quality workplace relationships between employees and the employer improve the performance of millennials and the organization by evacuating office politics.

Why you are late by 5 minutes? – This is a global question by bosses and other superiors at the workplace. I mean seriously? Who wakes up early in the morning and knocks the door of an organization at 9:05 a.m. in the morning? If that is the case, then it is definitely a complaint, not a sale.

By looking at the traffic, health issues and maybe personal problems are causing hassles but for that screaming at millennials early morning isn’t the right thing. This disrupts the productivity at the workplace and millennials hate this to hear every morning. Maybe employers/bosses can say and explain during the middle hours of the working day which would suffice and befit for the employee to listen and understand.

Why do you leave every day at 6 pm? – Actually, the office hours are clearly mentioned 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and corporate companies should follow these rules. Organizations look for productivity at work but not the productivity of employees. It is important for the organizations to look after proper health and work-life balance of the employees. If any extra work was done after 6 p.m., organizations should also be ready to pay extra for over time.

Dissatisfied bosses – Millennials are not inept or amateurish. They every day wake up and come with enthusiasm at work. But these old management rules, policies, and principles grind their life out of them. And of the reason is because of dissatisfying bosses at the workplace. Old management principles and strict policies have completely vanished that spark at work.

Millennials need a coach but not bosses who command. They should be encouraged and given better chances to grow and create an environment where they are supported by their ideas and valued by their leadership.

Employer and employees should be like friends which means beyond the formal level. This, in turn, feels relieved for the employees to work and also share work-life problems. This creates a good understanding between employees and employer and in turn, increases the productivity and relationship between the top – middle – lower hierarchies.

Overstress at the workplace leads to less productivity – Millennials love their jobs just like everyone does. Banning their social life by not allowing mobiles at work, no mind refreshing games or recreational activities at workplaces, stringent rules, lack of women initiatives, etc. all these look like an employee is just put in prison and then releasing him/her after slogging 10 hours at work.

The reason their productivity falls down day by day is because of overstressing at the workplace and lack of proper friendly exhilarating activities at the workplace. This leads to less engagement of employees and higher absenteeism. Overstress is one of the reasons why millennials shift and quit jobs more frequently until and unless they find a better workplace and environment.