Despite the negative consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic, I still have a handful of things to thank God for.

 I also think it’s good to appreciate the good things life has given me this year.

I may not have achieved all my goals and objectives but, gratitude is a must.

9 Things I am grateful for this year:

1.     Good Health

I am much grateful for my well-being.

I have seen many people grief and suffer in pain during this pandemic time.

When I reflect upon such events I give thanks for my health.

2.     Family and Friends

I would like to express my gratitude to my friends and family for their love and support.

I am proud of my family and friends for making my life glow.

3.     A Roof over my Head

I can’t thank God enough for my good house; it has contributed much to my comfort and entertainment.

My house has offered me all the necessity which includes; privacy, stress reduction, good rest among others.

4.     Access to the Internet

Access to the internet has helped me to learn a lot through the sharing of ideas.

I am very grateful because the internet has also improved my knowledge and communication.

5.     Nature

Nature and its beauty have a fundamental existence in my life.

Nature possesses an undefined beauty that has helped me to calm my body and mind.

6.     Nice Weekends

The weekdays sometimes have been persecuting but the weekends have been amazing.

I have been having wonderful weekends with my family and friends.

7.     Vacations and Trips

I have been having a few vacations and road trips which have given me the best outlook on life.

These vacations and trips have boosted my morale and motivated me to keep my head high always.

8.     Good diet

Words can’t be enough to express my gratitude to the Almighty for providing me with delicious foods and drinks.

It has been a privilege to have a good meal on the table daily.

Besides, am so grateful for being able to provide for my family as well.

9.     Best Music

Music is part of my life.

Music has helped me to reduce stress and improve my cognition.

I am jovial this year I have been able to download and listen to my favorite tunes.

Sometimes the road has been dark due to the Coronavirus pandemic but life has its course.

Things have gone unexpectedly but we still have to hold firm.

Nevertheless, I am thanking God so much for helping me to achieve the above things.

We should not let our ego to rule over us and forget to be grateful for the things we have.