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Online classes require a similar manner of discipline to traditional classes. Every teacher or the whole online platform has their own expectations that students must consider even in a virtual class. 

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Here are some of the very common things that are usually identical between almost all the online learning platforms that you need to care about.

?Take care of how much your camera records.

While you are on a video call with your teacher and fellow students, you must be considerate about how much people on the other side of the camera can see of you. Make sure you do not have:

  • Any improper or funny clothing on, that is distracting.
  • Any unpleasant background visuals like a pile of laundry clothes
  • Posters with crude images and pictures in the background.
  • Do not multitask while the class is going on.
  • Dark room or lights behind your back.

Things you must have

  • A well-lit room but lights facing your face.
  • A clean and simple background -plants, books shelves, posters with inspirational or educational quotes are appreciated.
  • You must isolate yourself from other people in your living space to avoid distraction from behind.
  • You can also use the virtual background feature by zoom calls to avoid background differences.
  • It is advised to turn off the camera while you indulge in some activity or if there is a lot of disturbances in your background that can affect the class’s progress.

?Take care of what your microphone transmits.

Irrelevant commotion can be deflecting to other fellow students and can distract them from grasping the concepts. It could be your siblings yelling, dogs barking or a street vendor, every noise behind you gets transmitted to the other side. It is thus very important to mute your mic when you are not speaking for yourself, when you want to say something/ ask any question/answer any question you can simply unmute the mic for that while. 

Simply put if you cannot control background noises, you can control your mic instead.

?Things to check while interacting with your teacher/mentor.

  • Don’t forget to turn ON your camera and try not to cover yourself unless some urgency occurs.
  • Raise your hand or hint by a polite gesture whenever you wish to speak or ask during the lecture.
  • Always look at the camera while conversing, this gives a confident look and a feel of smart eye contact.
  • Try not to be a spoilsport for any XYZ reason. Don’t use unnecessary face cues to distract your teacher or other students.
  • Try not to be virtually or aurally absent throughout the class. You may be paying attention all the time but your teacher might not feel the same.

Discipline is a key component of a classroom. It does not matter whether or not it is virtual or physical. Brilliant Tutions is a transparent and comfortable online learning platform for students but since the world beyond schools and tuitions demand a great amount of discipline it becomes a core duty for online platforms to maintain things well. On a student’s part, it is expected that they should take care of the above-mentioned things to focus well and develop as an all-rounder. Join Brilliant Tutions classes to become an achiever, with the help of Brilliant Tuition’s quality education system that focuses on your child’s education as well as personality development.