Be yourself is myth?

‘Be yourself’ literally has become overrated. So overrated that it has injected the syringe of ego into all of our minds. All due to its misinterpretation. Now, if I’m saying it, then I mean I know this and I’m smart.

Of course not! Maybe, but maybe not! For that why don’t you look at my writing journey so far (though not that long)

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When I initially started writing two years back, I used to indulge with writing quotes, writing poems. Above all, most pieces were filled with ‘feel-good’ materials. By feel-good, I mean I was writing whatever I wanted to feel, like an escapism, though it had made no sense in reality, but for moments, it can transcend your mood. And slowly I shifted to motivation, self-help and personality quotes. And now I rarely focus on such stuff. 

However, still sometimes I do write those feel-good goodies, some self-help blogs and on sensible topics, and what not? Also, I often feel why am I even so clingy to writing only serious things, though I write once a month or once a week. 

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But then I realize, I just write once a month or week, and it’s just a part of me, not every ‘me’. Then I really found solace in my solitude. Yeah, it’s okay to write and get clingy on, if it’s only happening sometimes or rare or rarest of the rare (just like this piece). Why? As it’s just a part. And there does lie such a part in your being as well. Maybe it can be in a different way that you don’t exploit yourself like me with write-ups or talking in public. But with close ones. However, it’s still there.

Now, in case if I had stopped writing those completely (not even once a month or week) then I may not handle myself with ‘be yourself’. On surface level I can, but deep down within – nah! 

By objectively writing what I feel, I discovered I can write such feel-good stuff by creating characters of short-stories. And in writing terms, it’s called stream of consciousness.

(Good to know, I wrote 2 stories thereafter).

If I had surrendered myself by saying ‘be yourself’ and had kept on writing those quotes and lousy poems, I may not have understood this tack. And even if I had stopped myself completely from writing those saying ‘be yourself and write differently’, I may not have got the same.

More interestingly, both of the thoughts widen my horizons. The former one helped me to observe objectively and the latter one evoked me to enter the freelancing world. And so the storytelling.

Have you noticed here?

There wasn’t an actual role of ‘be yourself’ in both cases. Because where should I point out and say, “Look this is what you should call ‘myself’?” 

As in both cases, I was insecure. 

So what does ‘Be yourself’ means? For that we must see what not is ‘Be yourself’. And to be honest, everyone can point it out and say it’s one, and it’s not the one.

Here are some examples:

Imagine your body isn’t normal, fit and fine; you love eating sweets, cakes, all junk items, or cigarettes. Now you don’t have control over your body, and just gulping it out of nowhere. What would be the prior action?

patrick eating GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

You’ve to change your habits, change your meal, have to go for physical exercise, above all, you’ve to change yourself, isn’t it? 

But no, you love to ‘be yourself’ na. Go on eating junk and die the ruthless way ever.

Suppose that you’re shy like me and hesitate to talk with people. And if you’re about to go for an interview or go for customer care enquiry or who knows met with an accident, would you not simply talk? Why are we just pretending as if ‘being yourself’ is everything?

Being yourself doesn’t have to be our comfort zone.

Or else let’s simply replace  ‘Be yourself’ with ‘Be your zone’.

In reality, everything is changing. So are we. No-one thought of 2020 could be this horrible. But it happened. Some got afraid, some handled themselves, some stayed normal. We all changed due to terrible circumstances. And those who haven’t yet or haven’t accepted the truth are struggling with their own traumas. Let’s just exclude the financial crisis in this, my context here is what do we really mean by ‘Be yourself.’

Let me not go far after ‘what is being yourself’, let me just leave it to your side. I somewhat realize is – keep changing like a water (Changing includes improvement, self-growth, fun, sense of humor, add it on & on).

If you already realized this, then share your views. If not, comment on what do you mean by ‘Be Yourself’. And in case it helped you, share it and spread a word, spread the wisdom.