Whenever you are at work it is necessary to keep yourself focused and active, but at the same time it is also important to relax at times due to work pressure and for that, a boring working desk is not a good option at all.

Here are a few things you should put on your working desk to make it more productive:-

1 Think board

A think board is something which will convert your desk into a dry erase board, you will be able to write anything and record some of your temporary stuff on it. A window desk uses less space and so you can easily set up a think board on it, so this is one of the major benefits of a window desk .

2 – Heater

At times when you don’t want to leave your desk because of the work, it is really important to have a portable small heater on your desk to keep your tea, coffee or snacks warm and edible. The more you stay hungry, the more you lose focus from your work, so it is essential to keep a heater on your desk and enjoy your food whenever you feel like!

3 – Tiny Fridge

A tiny fridge is something that I find the most unique thing to keep on your working desk. It will help you to keep your soft drinks cold

4 – Things that make work look like having fun

When you enjoy doing the task you are assigned to, you become more productive, creative and that ultimately fetches positive results. Some of the coolest things to charge up your mood at works are – erasers that looks more like a food item, while using a desktop pc it is a great idea to keep a mouse pad that reminds you of your favorite old video game, a pack of sticky notes shaped like cute puppies, etc.

5 – Add a plant

Research published by the American Association for the advancement of science suggests that exposure to green color makes you more productive

6Chewing gum

Research published by the British journal of psychology found that chewing gum boosts your concentration.

7 – Noise-canceling headphones

Studies by Cornell University has shown that prolonged noise has serious health effects on office workers.

8 – Gaming keyboard

A gaming keyboard offers more options and shortcut possibilities. Using shortcuts can cut down on the time it takes for you to complete a task.


While for many of us, we can be productive as much as we want to be, it doesn’t hurt to surround yourself and your employees with items that help encourage productivity, either consciously or subconsciously.

We all work in different ways and are spurred on by different things, which is why I suggest you take these items listed here with a trial and error-focused mind. You cannot force yourself to use these items in the hope that they will magically make you more productive.

You can, however, use them for their intended purpose and stick to it for a period of time and gauge whether they have made a difference in your professional life.