This world had a big mark of question and still has. Many queries have been solved and many have yet to be answered. Nobody is allowed to decide intellectuality by judging your question. It is the mark that opens avenues. But unfortunately we lived in a society where you are compressed before you dare to ask. But here the question is not for others to answer, it’s about you.

It is difficult to choose a life with society’s judgmental gaze. You have to pass through scrutinized stares in order to step further.  But foremost step is to recognize the query inside you. Let that question mark awakes you and made you think before you live. To live what you seek for? What desires you are in search of?

It is said dream big to get big. What if somebody does not want big? What if someone just want to live? Is it allowed to choose a safer less troubled path? The answer would be yes off course. But still even the easier path is not that simple enough. In this demanding and lavish era it is difficult to live with simplicity. People you are surrounded with may not want what you wish for. What you should do at that time?  Join the unwanted race?  Leave and live for yourself?  Here I’m leaving you with a question. If you find one do share with me.