Embracing your humanity to make you a better decision-maker in business and in life.

The three biggest mistakes I ever made in business were a result of not listening to my intuition.

There was no logical explanation for what I was feeling or any clear reasoning that could easily be explained to others — I simply had a feeling.

Being surrounded by left-brain thinkers, I didn’t have the confidence or the courage to speak up with complete conviction. And just like that I became a passive spectator in my decision-making and consequently in my life.

You see, while I am fully a left-brain, logical, and rational individual — that is not my most trusted driving force. My thinking has let me down numerous times. It has been responsible for poor decisions, and it often gets stuck in these repetitive circles of thought. My raw intuition, on the other hand, has never failed me.

We are now living in the information age and with the growth of social media, it has gotten to the point of excess. We are overburdened by the amounts of information that we process every day — and with this comes a clear calling to get back to our roots. There is this deep need to let go of what clouds our mind and to revert to the intuitive wisdom that lives within.

There is so much value put into strategy and order but there is virtually no space for our connectedness to our own inner knowing.

How would our lives change if we were set up to think less and feel more?

· We would trust ourselves and have complete faith in our own decision-making. We would gracefully shift into a state of unwavering inner power.

· Strength would be defined by values such as courage, integrity, and honor instead of dominance and control.

· The desire to be right would be replaced with the desire for peace.

· The decisions you make would result in a more pronounced livelihood and ultimately a happier version of success.

· You would become an active co-creator in your life and rise up to living your best life and fulfilling your biggest dreams.

Turning inwards and cultivating pragmatic wisdom that works for you…

I’ve found that the less distractions I include in my life and the more I nurture the concept of a healthy and balanced body, the stronger my intuitive sense becomes.

The three most helpful habits to hone that inner knowing have been:

1. Reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption

There is no doubt that alcohol disrupts our natural state of being. When we reduce or eliminate it completely, we are able to find this place of crystal clear clarity. Even if your alcohol consumption is moderate, once your body takes the hit it can be days before it fully recovers at the cellular level. Many people even complain of having brain fog or not fully feeling like themselves for as long as a week after a night of drinking. 
 2. Creating a silent practice

Whether you choose visualization, meditation, intention-setting, or prayer — this quiet time that you set aside to connect, ask, and listen makes the space for your intuitive sense to truly awaken and ultimately — to thrive. Most importantly, this practice will help develop your skill of inner listening and set you up to have stronger ears during the daily noise of work and life.

3. Keep track of your intuitive wins

Remember, “feeling” is a skillset and one that can work magic in your business and in your life if you learn how to work with it. The more you repeat it and are aware of the benefits that follow, the more you’ll use it. An effortless way is to keep a journal or a note on your smartphone where you track each time you used the power of your intuition and the result was favorable. This will give you a repertoire to refer to whenever the left brain takes over and plants doubt.

Avoid “paralysis by analysis” and adopt the “think less, feel more” approach to develop a keener way of strategically navigating your business, life, and inner self!

Originally published at medium.com