“Who…are…you?” a question that resonates in my head over and over again. A question that became famous from my weekly Saturday routine of watching ‘Alice In Wonderland’ when I was six years old. 

“Who…are…YOU?” repeated the Caterpillar to Alice. I admit at age six and much like Alice, I didn’t actually know what the Caterpillar was asking besides what’s on the surface of the question. At least Alice had a better idea of what the Caterpillar was asking. She fumbled to answer the question, stating she was different from who she was just that morning…By the end, I think she figured it out. 

If only we could figure out….everything, happily in a span of a 90-minute movie (Or a book whichever version you want to use). 

But that’s the key. That’s the knowledge! We are always changing, causing our external environment to change with us. And, not the other way around. 

Let that sink in for just a moment. 

Recognize that YOU are the cause that leads to the effect. In fact, we all are energetically intertwined with the Earth, the Universe, and all its living creatures. Imagine a matrix of codes, geometry, and colors that flow to you, through you, and from you. 

Yes, I realize this can seem like a difficult concept to grasp. But stay with me here.

You may already be aware that everything in this world is made up of matter. Matter can be broken down into atoms and molecules, which are always in motion bouncing off each other. When things are in constant motion that is called vibration or vibrating. 

Molecules Vibrating—>Atoms—>Matter—> You

Next, you need to understand that all things do not vibrate at the same rate or frequency. This explains why if you are energy and the wall is energy, you still cannot walk through walls. Or at least I can’t. If you can, please tell me how!!

Your energy and how it vibrates, while inseparable from the Universe, is still unique to you. In order to truly understand how or why that very insignificant sounding, yet INSANELY powerful, bit of information IS THE key to transforming your life, let me provide you with some perspective. 

What if I told you that the Law of Attraction is merely minor in the scale of Universal Laws? 

Law of Attraction is like the Christmas star on the Christmas tree, the headliner at the concert, it’s the coffee…inside your coffee cup. 

Everyone sees the Christmas star, everyone came for the headline group, everyone fiends just for the coffee, but are we forgetting something? Something huge? 

You know that analogy of a duck swimming. On the top side, the side we see, the duck is so graceful swimming about. On the bottom side, the side we don’t see, the duck is paddling as if its life depended on it. 

Or how about the iceberg analogy. You only see the tip of the iceberg yet 90% of its mass lies below the water. 

So what am I getting at here? The paddling feet of the duck and the 90% below the surface of the iceberg..this is their foundation! 

We often overlook the foundation, the crucial cornerstone to anything in life. The Christmas star needs a Christmas tree filled with ornaments and lights. The band needs a stage, a venue, an opening act. The coffee needs a coffee mug. 

This is The Law of Vibration. It’s the foundation!!

It’s the gigantic piece of the iceberg underneath the water that you nor anyone else can see at a bird’s eye view. But without it, the Law of Attraction will NEVER work for you!!!

The Law of vibration is a MAJOR Law and yet is highly overlooked. Your too busy dwelling on what type of coffee bean to use to get your morning fix to ever bother yourself with what kind of container to pour your coffee into. Until…you look around and see there is no container. “WHAT…who forgot the damn cups?” Now how are you going to drink your morning coffee?

That is exactly what happens when you try to use the Law of Attraction to draw in all that you desire without starting with a solid foundation. You are focusing on attracting but forgot to pay attention to the vessel you are attracting it to.

No one, ever, was part of a World Cup team without learning how to dribble and pass the ball when they were eight. Michael Phelps did not become the most decorated Olympian without first learning the mechanics of each stroke. Only THEN…did he get faster and faster. 

So now you see, The Law of Vibration is at the core of manifestation. This Law as I like to say is “your coffee mug.” You have to have a solid coffee mug, no cracks where liquid can seep through, can’t be flimsy. How deep is the coffee mug? What kind of handle? Sparkle it with your personality on the outside. Then pour in some coffee, Law of Attraction, and take a sip, a gulp, or a chug. You can keep drinking your coffee and refilling your coffee as long as your foundation, your coffee mug, is intact, giving off energy that is aligned with you. 

If your manifesting practice is not working, ask yourself how strong is your foundation. Is your vessel primed? Know that this takes daily practice. If you find yourself out of whack that’s because we wake up a different person than you were yesterday. We are not a finished product, and we never will be. That is the beauty that makes you, you.