I’m a middle aged woman with kids, which means I’ve an A* grade [email protected]*t detector.

Thanks for that lovely quote, Karen.

Quite frankly, we’re sick of seeing images of professional women that make us look as though we just stepped off the set of Dynasty. Enough of the pencil skirts, white shirts & stilettos. Worse still, the images of a woman with a perfect pony tail sitting at a laptop with a perfect baby over her shoulder. Life’s not like that (well, ours certainly isn’t).

As more mature (OK, older) women, we’re also not ready to be written off. We are a force to be reckoned with (& not only because we control the family finances). For those who recognise that we are a huge pool of talent – and for anyone who harbours any misunderstandings about what “middle aged” women look like today, here’s a handy guide as to what we are. And are not. We’ll keep it short.

  1. Sports chic & collaborative, not shoulder pads & sharp elbows

2. Flats not stilettos (gotta move fast)

3. Amy Schumer not Wonder Woman (we need a super human sense of humour)

4. Isabel Marant not Escada (cool, stylish AND comfy)

In her own words: I want my clothes to be perfect, easy perfect.

5. Group chat not coffee morning (we do get tech)

7. Alicia Florick not Magnum P.I. (we too will survive)

8. Stieg Larsson not Agatha Christie (scary if you cross us)

9. Sharon Horgan not Roseanne, much as we loved her (yes, women still writing the best comedies)

9. Cartilage rings not eternity rings (OK well, maybe not quite so elaborate as this)

10. Individuals – as well as mothers, daughters, partners, friends.

We’re younger than the sex pistols by some margin. We idolised Debbie Harry. Wore garbage bags in a half hearted effort to be punks. We’re sassy and bold. We make 75% of buying decisions globally. We have experience, perspective, wisdom & we want to work. Give us a break.

Pls share – would love to read your own examples.


  • Lisa Unwin

    CEO & Co-Founder of the Reignite Academy

    Lisa Unwin, CEO & Co-founder of the Reignite Academy, helping women have long term, sustainable careers. Supporting returners. Banging the drum for women at work. Writing, consulting, speaking, changing things. Mother. Reader. Cyclist. Skier. Co-author of She's Back: Your Guide to Returning to Work http://mybook.to/shesback