Our significant other or family member or friend says something we don’t like or we think that person should have said something in a different way as it was very hurtful. Does that trigger you to just lash out? Or can you do some thing differently this time? Can you pause and think for a second hmm maybe this is food for thought and how did I source this to get this reaction from this person. What am I doing to create this behavior from them?

Well What about stepping back for a second and examine how you want to reply to this person. How about I use my power to empower me by taking a few minutes to recieve the message and to process it and then to reply. To understand that you can’t control anyone and if you understand that this is thier issue not yours, maybe they are triggered by something you are not even aware of.

It all starts from releasing your stories the stories you have been telling yourself for years. Made up by you. Some of them are traumatic and these are stories made up about these events. I can’t do this because this happened to me 20, 30 or 40 years ago. Well what if we acknowledged these traumas as just experiences we had in our lives. What if we let go of all the stories we had made up around these events? Would that give us a freedom and a joy to just accept them as experiences and nothing else?

Could we then stop holding on to our past so tightly and experience a freedom, and joy from these experiences? I know I have and its made such a difference in my life. Its really just about taking responsiblity for the way we behave and respond to the friends and loved ones around us daily. Its a compassionate and loving way to live and it brings a joy, freedom and peace to your life.

Remember your destiny rests in your hands!