Thinking has overpowered living by putting life in waiting mode as if tomorrow, result will bring a comfortable end.

Religion-spirituality has degenerated to the assumption that you have to work (as compulsion) and spirituality and so on will provide you practices, ideas for relief. Unless you end this division of compulsion-relief, there is no chance of finding ‘what is True’.

All ideas, activities in the name of spirituality, Enlightenment and so on simply serve as relief providers from the compulsion of work and irritations of daily life. Unless you become aware of the bondage, you remain seeking.

It is the fusion of compulsion and relief that is the key to Fundamental Understanding.

Without facing your fears, uncertainties, compulsions, irritations – there is no chance of seeing ‘what is True’.

One is not troubled by loss, defame, relationship problems but due to dependence upon religious-spiritual ideas for relief, the capacity to absorb psychological discomforts is weakened. Can one see that apart from immediate physical danger, all discomforts-loss, defame, relationship problems- are psychological discomforts? To absorb this discomfort is the whole point. Now any action is relaxed, conscious.

We avoid, gloss over the discomfort of uncertainty, discomfort of unpleasant response, discomfort of unpleasant thoughts that hit the mind, discomfort any confusing situation creates within us.

The avoidance of this discomfort is laziness, is the fundamental error which keeps us trapped.