When you think about inspiration, can you conceptualize it as a charge, a frequency, much like a static shock? Indulge me as I do, please.

Inspiration from my current perspective (which constantly evolves) is literally a state of charged possibility or probability for ones own existences’ expansion. And let me distinguish between at first inspired action (probability), and being in the state of inspiration (possibility), because in both instances the energetic action state originates somewhere.

Inspired Action:

Any meditative yogi can attest with certainty that the clarity of their mind due to their meditation practice, allows for inspired action to prompt them throughout their day. The serendipitous alignment of action to ‘coincidental’ timing is entirely inspired from their connection to their state of calm, being and knowing. Action, through non thought, is inspired.

Being in a State of Inspiration:

Interestingly enough what is one of the most compelling reasons to feel awe struck by someone, whether it be an esteemed peer, a skilled sportsman, or acknowledged artist, is it belief that ones one humanity exceeds another? It seems that the awe inspiring factor at first blush is inspiration. The possibility of inspiration, of being inspired of letting ones own light shine.

If you take away one thing from this article let it be this, humbly I ask.

Don’t stifle the flow of inspiration. Whether it originates in your own limitless self, or whether it is prompted by another’s inspired well, continue it. See it, acknowledge it and propel it on its continuum of grandeur. Don’t condition it to suit you or your limitations, allow it to uplift your vision, goals and work. Initiate the possibility of inspiration into your life towards the probability of being actualizing. Because inspiration is the soil for creativity. And after all, that is what the time now is all about.


Caitlin Hayes is a lawyer, blogger, poet, e-commercer and international marketer. She works with lawyers who want to get ranked on google too.

Originally published at medium.com