By Meredith Lepore  

If you haven’t heard of Outdoor Voices then you will soon. In only four short years the brand has become a staple of the booming athleisure market. You truly can’t walk down a street in New York without seeing a young woman in a pair of their signature color blocked leggings. But when your CEO, Tyler Haney, is a 30 year old woman herself, she knows what women want in workout gear or post workout gear or just thinking about maybe working out later workout gear.

According to Business Insider, the company now has an 125-person team, seven stores and counting, and nearly $57 million in venture funding.

Haney, who counts Mickey Drexler as one of her mentors, clearly knows how to run a successful company even at her young age. So how does she start her morning? By snoozing. But only for 90 seconds which she considers to be “the most glorious 90 seconds of my life.”

She told Women’s Health, “My alarm goes off at 6:50 a.m. I give myself a minute and a half micro-snooze, which feels like the most glorious 90 seconds of my life. Once I’m up, I take 30 deep breaths, thinking about something I’m grateful for, like my cute pup, Bowie, with each inhale. My boyfriend got me into this thankful thinking. It puts me in a positive mood right away.”

Now most research says the snooze button will actually make you more tired, but that is most likely for longer than 90 second periods so give this a try.

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