The days go by, some fast, others expand as breath in a balloon; a warp of what space we must need. These are idyllic, and full of talking; voices of doom and death, others of hope and life. We sequester by the beach or wood, in our cities and towns; work on screens, a reaching out to care, walks, foraging for supplies, families wrapped around, not too close. Other people might be lonely or relishing to be alone. Much is on hold, a field of abeyance. Perhaps we see the other side; a new way of being. We wonder how that looks. When do the doors open again that we might work and produce? And yet we hold this time as dear. We will look back and say it was good as well; we rested and so did the earth. Perhaps the entire world should rest for a time each year, allowing our waters and the expanse we call sky to sigh with relief. This; a time to allow our field to lay fallow, its fruit to go back and nourish the earth.


  • Joanne R Douglas

    Author, Investor, Real Estate Broker

    Douglas Elliman

    A TOP TEN producing broker selling New York City real estate, Joanne co-authored NEGOTIATING NEW YORK, LIFE LOVE & THE PURSUIT OF REAL ESTATE for which BARBARA CORCORAN, star of Shark Tank, wrote the forward. The best selling book on real estate, "is a great read," and "takes you on an often hilarious ride inside NYC real estate." "Joanne and her co-author and brother, Alfred Renna, made me feel like a member of their family, all of whom are addicted to all things real estate." Published by Simon & Schuster. Joanne and Alfred have been enlisted to speak at broker seminars, guest lectured with Barbara at New York University and Marymount College, and have had invitations to speak all over the country. Some of their book events have been at The Princeton Club, Esther Muller's Academy Of Continuing Education, Dottie Herman's national radio show, EYE ON REAL ESTATE, Rosanna Scotto's television show, GOOD DAY NEW YORK.