Marisol Capellan is indeed leaving her mark in history. She doesn’t look at the news and wishes society was different. She steps outside of her comfort zone and works to create the world she envisions from any angle she finds a possibility to contribute. In Spanish or English, to her students or C-level corporates, from the Dominican Republic to Miami. Let’s meet the fearless woman training executives on how to become more inclusive and support underrepresented minorities.

It all started from the bottom.

Marisol comes from the very bottom. She was born in a straitened neighborhood in the province of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Tourists know the island as a place where the sun kisses your skin, and the natives embrace you in smiles, but very few know that under all the beauty, there’s a raw and challenging reality. 

Ms. Capellan shares at one point, she was homeless. When she moved to Miami, she worked her way to a public college with no support system whatsoever. Her experience led her to develop a passion for helping Latina and black women work their way to the top. After finishing her bachelor, she has studied leadership extensively. Graduated with honors with Masters in Leadership from the Miami Herbert School, she’s pursuing a doctoral degree in Higher Education where her research is focused on women leaders’ career trajectory. 

Education is the basis of change.

Culture influences the perceptions and attitudes of individuals worldwide. Ms. Capellan leverages the power of diversity and leadership skills, leading to higher workplace achievements because of the individual’s variety of cultural backgrounds. This allows companies to expand internationally because of the multiple points of view they bring to the table.

Marisol Capellan has re-defined the phrase “girl boss” as she has worked with executives from Google, WarnerMedia, and Salesforce. And developed workshops and trainings for university staff, graduate students through the University of Miami. As well as organizations like the American Tower Corporation, NBC Universal, and many more on time management, mindset, career development, personal branding, and leadership.

Her mission is to build confidence in women. Due to the systemic inequalities that women face, she thrives in showing women that they deserve a seat at the table. Women have been graduating more than men from US institutions. However, when we look at the top leadership positions in companies, they are not represented. Also, working mothers need a flexible work environment. She calls the 9-5 schedule antiquated and patriarchal. 

Education has been her zone of comfort. She has paved her road to the system and is changing it from the inside, disrupting the academic and working environment looking to provide young immigrants and women of color opportunities. Ensuring they can achieve meaningful work goals. For example, she serves as a full-time management faculty and Associate Director of the Masters in Leadership program for the Miami Herbert Business School. Ms. Capellan was also the inaugural President of the Women in Leadership Association for graduate students. She started an anti-racism event program for the University of Miami Herbert Business School. She volunteered her time to conduct mindset training to help women believe in themselves and go after leadership positions. 

Her passion and unique interest in diversity and developed leadership skills led her to work within the University of Miami. She was originating and expanding faculty development and leadership programs to enhance women and minority research and grant opportunities.

A hero in high-heels.

As a professional speaker, she has been featured on CNN and hosts the podcast La Mujer CEO. As a writer, she is a contributor for Thrive Global and Medium and is currently working on her first book. 

As an entrepreneur, in 2017, she founded The Planning Management Company. She has built an online community of over 30,000 women. With The Planning Management Company, her goal is to help women thrive in their managerial roles and develop teams within companies with excellent work culture. She also coaches on how to become highly influential leaders and powerful managers to build their businesses. 

We can definitively agree that Marisol steps on her high heels and wears her afro like a crown. We cannot wait to see the generation of leaders she’s building while promoting inclusive, diverse, compelling, and authentic leadership practices in the workplace.

Learn more about Marisol through her Linked In and Instagram @profcapellan.