SIRAPOP craft in fur

As the fashion world is constantly evolving, the trends today differ drastically from those just a few years ago. To keep up with the latest styles and ever changing trends, many brands have adopted fast fashion practices. The term “fast fashion” defined means “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.” It has taken over many facets of the industry, encouraging people to continue to follow fads and to constantly purchase new clothing. This nuance leads the fashion industry to produce excessive amounts of apparel to satisfy consumer demand, simply to turn profits. In the process, a great deal of waste is generated all over the world.

As a result, many retail brands begin to look similar, be it the color schemes, styles of blouses or pants, and themes, with originality and creativity being lost. Of course, there are also the “fashion police” who make certain that once you buy something, you can forget about wearing it next year—that is so “last season.” Soon enough, consumers are back, as the cycle continues.

Too often, brands focus on competitive pricing rather than quality and design. Again, where there’s demand, there’s supply. Today, high-end fashion brands are slowly following the fast fashion lead, creating less expensive clothing. While this makes common styling more accessible to larger audiences, over-saturation in the fashion industry has taken over. Ultimately, this comes at the cost of both consumers’ wallets and the environment. 

Clothing brand SIRAPOP has a different approach to this branding and selling. It is beginning the conversation about the over-saturation and fast fashion movement. SIRAPOP is an NYC-based women’s wear fashion label created in 2018.

Sofia Ortiga and Sirapop Dechraksa

Graduating with a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design, Sirapop Dechraksa co-founded the company with fellow graduate and co-founder, Sofia Ortiga, establishing the eponymous collection. Their anti-fast fashion agenda strives to redirect fashion’s focus back to artistic vision through their uniquely versatile and durable pieces. Their primary goal is to push past expected fashion standards and create high-quality, tear-free jackets that are modern, yet timeless. Most of all, SIRAPOP emphasizes sustainability, which is greatly ignored in fashion today.

SIRAPOP’s sustainability is mainly rooted in their raw materials, particularly their fur and silk. Although it is a taboo topic, natural fur is an organic product which is renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable. SIRAPOP is devoted to only using natural fur sourced by fully transparent companies with socially responsible business practices from start to finish. As a young and emerging brand, they believe that ethical practices extend beyond eco-friendliness, it involves a conscious and educated community that shares the long-lasting vision of design. Their made-to-order practice helps combat overproduction and unnecessary waste, unlike most fast fashion companies. In addition, their transparent supply chain strives to hold the industry responsible for its contributions to the environment.

SIRAPOP wants to redefine fashion’s vocabulary and break down boundaries. They prioritize their consumer’s need and only sell thoughtfully designed; high quality pieces that last. SIRAPOP’s fashions do not echo trends, but rather are carefully crafted pieces of art that can pass the test of time.