Staying on track with your goals—no matter what they are—requires finding the strength to keep pushing forward when challenges arise. And sometimes all you need is a little extra push to get there. Nowadays, there are apps for that.

Take Momentum. This habit tracker app based itself on Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity and creativity-boosting technique, which he refers to as “don’t break the chain.” His belief is based on the science of habit-formation that shows consistency is key. For each day you complete a task or stick with a new habit, your chain grows longer and stronger, making it more likely that you’ll continue to your long-term goal.

To help keep your “chain” going, Momentum sends you daily reminders to follow through on your to-do of choice and chart your progress. You can also set weekly targets to help break down your goal into smaller, more approachable milestones. You can set skip days if you want to take a needed breather (because you can’t reach your goal if you burn yourself out in the process). The app also has a note-taking feature so you can jot down how your goal is going—what’s working, what’s not, what you need to help you keep moving forward and most importantly, instances when you pushed past obstacles to keep making progress.